8 Amazing Tutorials to Help You Rock Scene Hair ...


8 Amazing Tutorials to Help You Rock Scene Hair ...
8 Amazing Tutorials to Help You Rock Scene Hair ...

Tutorials for scene hair all look very similar at first which might make you give up and forget the whole idea to get creative with this interesting style! Don’t do it though as styling scene hair should be fun and there are many more cool things to do with it aside teasing and hair-spraying! Browsing through tons of videos showing you how to tease and hairspray over and over again is, unfortunately, the less fun part of it and in case you’re hoping to find a way to go around it, this post will prove to be exactly what the doctor has ordered! So, have fun watching these videos, ladies and have fun learning how to get scene hair regardless of your length, styling products and tools you have at your disposal:

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Pin up Scene Hair Tutorial

First on my list of amazing, creative, unique tutorials for scene hair all of you lovely fashionistas are going to fall in love with – this cute cross between a fierce scene hairstyle and a sexy, pin-up updo is perfect for all those occasions in which you want your hair up but would hate to see it lose all that volume and its scene appearance! Grab your hairspray, teasing comb, a couple of bobby pins and a favorite super trendy headband or a scarf and don’t forget to let me know how it turned out!


Braided and Headband Style for Scene Hair

Styling scene hair is a fun, fun process and the results are always amazing not to mention super interesting in case you have multicolored strands or blonde/black/reddish streaks. In case you do and are looking for a creative way to make them stand out, or simply need a cool hairstyle idea to help you update your scene look, you’ll definitely love this next video! Have fun and enjoy your look!


Glamorous Big Hair

Okay, so I’ve been reading all of these comments on YouTube and let me tell you something – there seems to be a lot of folks out there who believe scene hairstyle is only possible if you have seriously damaged, color-treated hair. Well, here’s a great tutorial for scene hair to prove them wrong and encourage you to follow your heart and experiment with this style even if your hair is not damaged or colored! This gorgeous girl’s hair is, as you can clearly see, very shiny and healthy yet she still managed to rock this style in a totally girly-girl kind of way! Definitely an inspiration!


Everyday Scene Hair Tutorial for Short Hair

Aside from the fact that it doesn’t have to be dyed or damaged, your hair doesn’t have to be super long either and, no, that doesn’t mean you’ll just have to use clip-ins! And the next on my list of tutorials for scene hair will make you fall in love with this look and convince you to give it a go even if you’re not a fan of scene hair! Don’t know about you but my humble opinion goes something like this – very clean, very structured and, most importantly, very wearable! And, yes, I’ve been rocking this style back when my hair was short too…we just didn’t call it “scene hair” back then.


Leopard Print Dye Job

This next tutorial for scene hair will inspire you to get creative with hair colors and various cool prints you can wear on your hair! Probably not a good idea at this moment as I doubt any teacher would appreciate your new back to school look but hey, take a peek anyways – it might come handy during the next round of holidays! I’m sooo not brave enough for this but hey… guess bold colors and interesting prints do require a lot of guts, which is one thing I’m sure all scene hair lovers I’ve seen on YouTube have in abundance!


Glamorous Curly Scene Hair

This is one of the reasons styling scene hair is so much fun – you can go fierce, casual, girly and even totally glam all depending on the occasion and your mood! How cool is that! Now, I’m sure a lot of you girls don’t feel like giving up your style even for special occasions which is why this hairstyle idea is sure to come handy sooner or later! All you need to do now is find a perfect dress and let prince Charming know he’ll need to postpone that jousting match and arrange for his carriage to be polished!


Scene Hair for Naturally Wavy Hair

Having to flatiron your hair every single day can be sooo freaking exhausting! And don’t even get me started on the damage your poor hair will sustain from all that heat! No, let’s just not go there! Luckily, it’s still not too late to turn things around, adopt a different, hair-friendlier styling routine and all that without giving up your favorite scene look! And this next of my favorite tutorials for scene hair will help you do that! Take a peek and ask yourself one simple question – why would I have to straighten my hair every day when I can rock that uber-popular curly scene hair style with very little work, surprisingly little time and little or no aid from heated tools?!


No Hairspray Scene Hair Tutorial

Wondering how to get scene hair without tons of hairspray? Well, I have just the thing for you! This method is absolutely perfect and will work like a charm in case you have shortish hair, yet is something even girls with fine and thin hair shouldn’t dismiss so easily either! Simply sprinkle on some dry shampoo, volume powder or cornstarch and you’ll have that XXL volume in no time... without any other styling products!

Aren’t these tutorials for scene hair absolutely amazing?! Yup, I’m super we’ll all agree these girls are blessed with some serious skills and have managed to polish their styling routine to perfection! Take the hint, girlies, and follow their shiny example using their fool proof methods and tips for styling scene hair. Don’t forget to keep me updated on your progress and feel free to shoot me a comment below even before you try any of these -I'm dying to know which one of these amazing styles are you going to try first!

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