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11 Crazy Hair Colors You Wish You Had ...

By Lauren

I've always wanted an eye popping and attention grabbing unique hair color. Unfortunately I now work in a corporate environment that frowns upon that sort of look. Thus, I am going to take you on a journey through 11 of the craziest hair colors you wish you had so you can be envious with me! If you are lucky enough to actually have these colors done to your own hair, just know that they require a lot of bleaching and upkeep to keep the colors looking amazing. So make sure you're ready to make the sacrifice to the health of your hair and commitment before attempting to copy these colors.

1 Bright Red

There's nothing more fierce then a fire engine red hair color. Maybe that's why celebrities like Rihanna have sported this color in the past. If you are thinking of this color for yourself, keep in mind that red is one of the hardest colors to maintain because it often fades quickly. A bright red is a great starter color for people wanting to try out a unique hair color because it is not completely unnatural especially if you're already a natural red head.

2 Purple Hair

Purple hair can be a good starter color as well because it can be worn as a more subtle tint or as a vibrant all over color. Some black hair colors come with a violet or purple tint if you don't want to take the dive straight to the purple dye. Purple highlights also look gorgeous in very dark hair!

3 Royal Blue

Royal blue hair has always made me think of a super hero or Katy Perry being that she rocked this color in 2010 and then again in early 2012. Just know that blue is a color that fades very fast so it's something you need to take care of.

4 Grey/Silver Hair

Most women dread knowing that someday they will start growing in grey hair. Some however embrace the grey and silver locks and sport them even before they start growing them on their own. I advise going to a salon to first achieve this look, but if you're determined to do it at home, use a white and blue toner to achieve a silver or grey effect after your hair is bleached as white as it will go.

5 Rainbow Hair

Can't decide on one color for your hair? Get all of them! Just know that this is a difficult look to achieve and requires patience. You need to first make your hair look as white as possible using bleach so that the colors are vibrant. Section your hair off, mix the color you want to use until it's the right hue, then paint it on a section of dry hair. Leave the color in according to the manufacturer's directions and rinse it thoroughly before you apply color to another section. Otherwise, you may experience bleeding from one color to another. Pull back the portion you colored and choose your next color. Continue this process until you have a rainbow head of hair!

6 Pastel Colors

Looking for a softer color to have in your hair? Pastels are definitely the way to go. These powdery color hues give off a candy-like essence and is the reason why some people refer to it as getting cotton candy hair.

7 Two-Toned Hair

Can't decide between two colors? Why not get both? If you're more of a neutral colored girl, you can even sport this style with half your hair brunette and half blonde. You can even see this hair style on the singer Porcelain Black.

8 Neon

Be a rave girl 24/7 with neon hair colors! Neon hair color is one of the hardest to keep bright and vibrant. After coloring, try to only shampoo your hair when you need to. Otherwise, just rinse and use a deep conditioner. This will help prolong the vibrance of your neon hair.

9 Colored Ombre

Just because you want a crazy hair color, doesn't mean you can't follow the latest hair trends like ombre! This can be difficult to do on your own at home so I'd recommend going to a salon to get a more perfect looking color gradient.

10 2 Hues of Same Color

Don't want your hair to be all one color? Well why not use a different hue of your color as highlights or on the tips? Maybe use a light blue and dark blue mixture like this photo shows. Just like brunettes, blondes, and red heads get highlights to enhance their color, the same can be done with unique colors like blue!

11 Fire Hair

Katniss was the girl on fire? I think this hair color would have her beat! By combining the fierce red color we discussed, with an ombre orange, your hair will become as fierce as you!

When picking your color, keep in mind that some colors don’t last as long as others. Mainly red, and blue shades are the quickest to fade. Colors that tend to last longer are purple, pink, orange, and yellow. Which of these is your favorite crazy hair color? Do you now or have you ever had a unique hair color like these?

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