7 Great Hairstyles for Riding a Bike ...


7 Great Hairstyles for Riding a Bike ...
7 Great Hairstyles for Riding a Bike ...

Hairstyles for riding a bike go way beyond ponytails! It may sound impossible but trust me – when a bike is the only transportation vehicle that guarantees you won’t spend at least an hour trying to find free parking or a week’s worth of groceries by opting for a private (and always empty and available) one, you just have to learn how to do a few long wear hairstyles. Now, I’m sure some of you ladies would really appreciate a few ideas on these, which is exactly why I’ve decided to do a post on must-try helmet-friendly styles I either already use or plan on experimenting with! Here they are - Enjoy and happy styling!

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Headband Braid

Hair tends to grease, frizz or curl up during bike rides – blame it on the perspiration, slight friction, pressure or that memory foam not even Martha Stewart could figure out how to clean properly. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do about it! Plait the hair on your hairline into a headband, starting at one ear and tucking the excess length behind the other. Tease the crown lightly then secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail which you may choose to take down once you reach your destination. This first on my list of hairstyles for riding a bike is quite simple to do and will help you make sure the most critical area of your head is styled nicely and impossible to get messed up. You can spray your bangs first to ensure maximum hold and manageability or choose to follow up with hairspray or gel later, to smooth out any frizzies.


Headband braids are an easy and stylish way to keep your hair in place while riding a bike. This style is especially useful for those with thick, curly or unruly hair, as it keeps the hairline from becoming greasy, frizzy or curly due to perspiration, friction or pressure. To achieve the headband braid, start at one ear and plait the hair on your hairline, tucking the excess length behind the other ear. Tease the crown lightly and secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail. You can also spray your bangs before braiding for maximum hold and manageability. Once you reach your destination, you can choose to take down your ponytail or leave it in place.

For those with shorter hair, there are many other hairstyles that can be used while riding a bike. A half-up ponytail is a great option, as it keeps the hair out of your face while still looking stylish. Another option is to braid the hair into a low bun, which can be easily secured with a few bobby pins. For those with longer hair, a messy bun is a great way to keep the hair off the back of the neck and away from the face.


Front Part Braids

And in case the first helmet-friendly style sounds awesome, you really ought to try this one, too! The steps are very similar and it’s quite of a hassle-free one, as well so alternate and have fun! Part your hair at the middle than channel your inner Khaleesi by braiding your bangs in two plaits (one on each side of your part), then ten pull them back and secure on the back of your using a tiny no slip elastic band. Apply a bit of a leave in conditioner to the rest of your length, braid tightly and fold into a bun as flatly as possible. Slip your helmet on, enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to undo the bun and the plait – the result will be gorgeous waves that, in addition to two small braids decorating the top of your head, look very trendy and super hot!


If the front part braids appeal to you, they’re not just for style but function too. As the braids keep your hair away from your face, they also withstand the pressure of a helmet quite well, keeping your look intact. Before you initiate the braiding, ensure your hair is detangled by using a wide-tooth comb, which will make the process smoother and less damaging. And if you're feeling adventurous, accessorize your braids with small beads or decorative hair ties to add that extra flair. It’s a versatile choice that transitions effortlessly from high-octane cycling to casual daytime outings.

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Ballerina buns, sock buns, side buns, low buns – I’ve tried them all and they seem to be a good hairstyle for riding a bike as well! The only thing that will take some practice is getting your helmet on without making the mess out of your style. Took me well over a year to perfect my skills so don’t worry in case you don’t get it right on the first try and definitely go for styles that are a bit easier at first. Side or center part your hair, use some non crunchy, light hold spray to tame existing and prevent future frizz, then secure your hair in a classy low bun right at the nape of your neck. You can skip the parting and go for a top bun as well, just remember to use a lot of bobby pins and hairspray. Gently run a fine, rat tail comb through your hair once your style of choice is finished to achieve that ultra smooth look and don’t worry in case a some frizz occurs- All you’ll need to do in this case is run slightly damp hands over the troubled spot to reactivate your hairspray.

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Straight Hair

Speaking about hairstyles for riding a bike, did you know that you can make your carefully straightened hair stay that way even under a helmet? In fact, this is a fairly easy one to maintain, especially when compared to scrunched hair. And the recipe is quite simple, too! Simply comb your hair back, using as many bobby pins as needed to keep the front section gently pulled back. Secure the back into a low, not too tight ponytail, tie another band at the half of your ponytail and another at its very end. Take all of these accessories out the moment you take off your helmet, shake your hair and voila – no frizz, knots, tangles or sweaty, curly bangs!


Straight hair is a great choice for biking, as it can be easily maintained and kept in place. To ensure that your hair stays straight even under a helmet, comb the front section back and secure it with bobby pins. Then, tie the back into a low ponytail, and use two more bands at the half and end of the ponytail. Once you take off your helmet, you can remove the accessories and shake out your hair. This hairstyle will help keep your hair free of frizz, knots, tangles, and sweaty bangs, and is a great way to keep your hair looking neat while biking.

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Head Scarves

Okay, well here’s an interesting suggestion I’ve found recently and am looking to try out ASAP! Now we all know head scarves are an amazingly trendy accessory but did you know that they can do much more than help you cover up a bad style? A silky scarf moves with your helmet absorbing the friction that would normally affect your hair, preventing everything from a bad style to hair loss! Don’t feel like styling? Experiment with a few great-looking ways to tie a scarf! Want to protect your style? Part your hair at the side opposite to your parting and tie a scarf over it. The only thing you’ll need to do once the scarf is off is to shake and finger comb your hair, restoring your original, now surprisingly nice, voluminous looking part. Hah! And they say hairstyles for bike riders are quite boring and limited!

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Messy Locks

Messy locks are always sexy – messed up locks, in the other hand, aren’t! So, instead of opting for a full glitz look that will most likely get crunched under a helmet, say your I-do’s to a much easier, helmet-friendly style that literally makes itself! Prep your hair by adding your favorite root booster, then spray your tresses with salt-spray, twist at the top of your head and pin down into a messy bun. It doesn’t have to be perfect, of course! In fact, the looser your hair is, the better as you will be letting your hair down after your ride to reveal an artfully tousled, voluminous mane!

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Katniss Slanted Braid

Not sure how much of a Hunger Games fan you are but I believe Katniss Everdeen’s braided look hasn’t managed to escape your attention! After all, you must admit hairstyles for riding a bike really ought to look as good! It will either fit perfectly under a helmet or fall just below it, all depending on how high or low you decide to place it, allowing you to style your long hair in a way that’s cool and feminine yet perfect for summer as well!

Are there any particularly good hairstyles for riding a bike you’d like to share? I’ve recently came across an article advising various clips – have you tried that? I would if I weren’t too afraid of them being so uncomfortable. But hey, sure there’s a great helmet-friendly style you can hook me up with! Shoot! I’m all ears.

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I so needed this. Thank you guys.

I have short hair that I generally wear spiked. I have a hair dryer and my spiking glue at work, but would love some ideas so I don't have to spend 15 minutes at work fixing my hair! I can't seem to find any ideas anywhere.

I don't know about yours, but that giant sock bun will never fit under my helmet! I generally opt for a classic "biker scarf/ braid" combo.

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