7 Great Hairstyles for Riding a Bike ...

Hairstyles for riding a bike go way beyond ponytails! It may sound impossible but trust me – when a bike is the only transportation vehicle that guarantees you won’t spend at least an hour trying to find free parking or a week’s worth of groceries by opting for a private (and always empty and available) one, you just have to learn how to do a few long wear hairstyles. Now, I’m sure some of you ladies would really appreciate a few ideas on these, which is exactly why I’ve decided to do a post on must-try helmet-friendly styles I either already use or plan on experimenting with! Here they are - Enjoy and happy styling!

1. Headband Braid

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Hair tends to grease, frizz or curl up during bike rides – blame it on the perspiration, slight friction, pressure or that memory foam not even Martha Stewart could figure out how to clean properly. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do about it! Plait the hair on your hairline into a headband, starting at one ear and tucking the excess length behind the other. Tease the crown lightly then secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail which you may choose to take down once you reach your destination. This first on my list of hairstyles for riding a bike is quite simple to do and will help you make sure the most critical area of your head is styled nicely and impossible to get messed up. You can spray your bangs first to ensure maximum hold and manageability or choose to follow up with hairspray or gel later, to smooth out any frizzies.

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