7 Hot Holiday Hairstyles ...

Get glam this season with hot holiday hairstyles that’ll withstand every type of celebration, party, or festivity. As invitations begin coming in for fashionable fetes, Christmas soirees, family gatherings and chic cocktail parties, you’ll need several hairstyles to make the rounds all through the night. So toast to the season and ring in 2013 with style in these party perfect 7 hot holiday hairstyles.

1. Glossy Waves

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Get gorgeous glossy waves for the holidays to show off your glamorous side this season. For head turning volume and locks that scream va-va-va-voom, create large, soft and smooth waves that command attention. Post blow dry, curl your hair with a large-barrel curling iron, twisting the hair around the clamp to avoid ringlets and create full waves. Afterwards, gently comb through the spirals with a brush or your fingers to create a more soft and natural look. Finish off and polish your look with a shine serum or spray to lock in your style for the rest of your festive evening in hot holiday hairstyles that shine.

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