7 Low Bun Hairstyles to Wear This Fall ...


7 Low Bun Hairstyles to Wear This Fall ...
7 Low Bun Hairstyles to Wear This Fall ...

Low bun hairstyles are super popular this season which, in addition to the fact that they work great for just any hair texture, is a reason enough to give at least one a test drive! Trendy glamorous hairstyles such as these can really help you look amazing everyday and, with so many hot, both casual and totally dressy styles to try out, you just don’t have to worry about the aging effect low buns are rumored to produce! Are you ready ladies? Well, here are a few styles I wouldn’t want to miss out! The rest is up to you, of course! Take your pick, make it count and you’ll be rocking some of the best fall up dos your friends, family and coworkers have ever seen in no time!

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Easy Low Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair

First on my list of low bun hairstyles you’ll definitely want to check out is a low bun look for long hair. This cool, knotted bun is glamorous enough to get you through special events, yet refined enough for work. It is also easy enough to be a perfect on the go hairstyle for times when you need to go from day-to-evening and don’t have a whole lot of styling gadgets and goodies to help you do so!


Sexy Low Bun for Medium Natural Hair

Oh, la, la! Is this not one of the best fall up dos for natural hair or what? I mean come on, you gotta love it! It’s fun, it’s glam, it’s sexy and it’s protective, which means your hair doesn’t have to suffer the cold weather for the sake of good looks! Give it a shot, enjoy it and remember –I want to hear back from you and know all about it!


Amazing Side Bun for Curly Hair

Oh…My… Gosh! Did I show you this one before? Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s so great that I believe it deserves a second premiere! So, for all of you who have somehow missed it, this is your second chance to get yourself acquainted with something I believe is the ultimate trendy glamorous hairstyle for curly hair!


Messy Braided Low Bun Hairstyle

Want more trendy low bun hairstyles? Don’t miss out on this one, then! Braids are still going strong and messy buns are IT this fall- it’s a win win situation! Perfect for casually dressy outfits, school and even work!


Romantic Low Braided Bun

Have thick shoulder length hair and absolutely no idea on what to do with it? Well, this interesting tutorial is exactly what you’ll need then! And I’d say this is the best fall up do a girl can do in five minutes! Well…okay, probably not the only one, but certainly one of the top 5! So girly, so romantic, so refined and yet…so perfect for just any occasion!


Casual Bun for on the Go

Speaking about best fall up dos – I’ve already told you the messy and the casual is super hot this season, didn’t I? And now it’s time to show you what I had in my mind! Let’s take this 2 minute, cute, casual chignon, for example! Now, isn’t that something you’d find useful on a day to day basis? I sure would! Great for straight, curly and wavy hair – just keep a few bobby pins at hand, a selection of two to three nice headbands in your office desk drawer and you’ll be ready to rock this look in no time!


Serena Van Der Woodsen Bun

I know this is meant to be a prom/elegant style only but hey, what can I do – it really and I really mean, REALLY reminds me of Serena’s styles! Chic, sexy and oh so glam – this last on my list of low bun hairstyles is an absolute must for every Gossip Girl fan! So amazing and yet, so incredibly uncomplicated - what more could a girl ask for!

Aren’t these low bun hairstyles amazing? I’m definitely giving this last one a go this weekend! And I even have a perfect occasion for it! What about you? Which one of these is going to be your trendy glamorous hairstyle choice for the week?

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does anybody tried that ? can you share your photos how it looks like ? thx!

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