9 Creative Ways to Color Your Hair for Girls Looking to Mix It up ...


9 Creative Ways to Color Your Hair for Girls Looking to Mix It up ...
9 Creative Ways to Color Your Hair for Girls Looking to Mix It up ...

I am so thankful that there is an array of temporary ways to color your hair! As a woman, I have a lot of fun changing my appearance whenever the mood strikes me. When I was younger I used to dye my hair constantly, at one point it was red with bleached tips and it looked like I had flames for hair. I’m in my late 20s now and getting a job usually requires me to look what they consider to be, “acceptable,” but I still like to play around with my hair color, so I use a lot of these temporary ways to color your hair on my long locks whenever I’m going out for a night, or just feel like messing around with the way I look. If you’re looking for a fun, new 'do, try one of these!

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A lot of the temporary ways to color your hair don't show up well unless you're blonde, but this works really well for dark hair, like mine. You can buy “hair chalk” but it doesn't work as nicely as buying chalk pastels (NOT oil based) that an artist would use. You can get them relatively cheap and the results are much better.

How To:
If you have dark hair, spray the sections you want with water until they are damp.
If you have blonde hair, don’t wet it.
Pick your color and rub it up and down your tresses, twisting the section of hair as you go to coat both sides.
Allow your newly colored hair to dry (or blow dry it if you’re in a hurry).
To set the color in so it is less likely to rub off on clothing or furniture, use a hair straightener to seal the strands.
I suggest using an old straightener as it does leave color residue behind.


Kool Aid

hair,hairstyle,hair coloring,long hair,flower, Lasts: 2 weeks- 6 months depending on hair

Using Kool Aid to dye your hair is a trend that has been around for a while but has had a resurgence in popularity recently as an alternative to the hair chalking fad. The only problem with this technique of dying your hair is that the amount of time it stays in is based solely on your hair texture and color, so you may want to test it out on a small area before committing fully to the idea.

How To:
Depending on hair length, use anywhere from 1-6 packets of your Kool Aid color. ONLY use the unsweetened kind.

Pour powder into a sauce pan and add water. You want it to be drinkable liquid consistency, not paste, but the less water you add the more vibrant the color will be.
Bring to a boil on your stove top.
After allowing the liquid to cool a bit, dip your hair in and hold for 2-3 minutes.
Remove hair from the pot and dab dry with an old towel or paper towels.
Do not wash hair for the next 24 hours.


The Kool Aid method is a budget-friendly and playful way to achieve semi-permanent hair color at home. For best results, opt for blonde or light brown hair which absorbs the dye more effectively. Darker hair may require additional packets or stronger concentration. When applying, consider using a brush for more precise coloring or, for an ombre look, only dip the ends. Remember that Kool Aid can stain, so wear gloves and use old towels to avoid a mess. Enjoy experimenting with vibrant hues like cherry, grape, or blue raspberry. Embrace the DIY spirit and give your locks a fruity twist!


Eye Shadow

hair,color,face,blue,black hair, Lasts: 1 Shampoo

After researching and finding this, I admittedly set down my laptop and stood in front of my mirror for a good half hour experimenting with this one. The color is a lot more vibrant than chalking; however it comes out all over your clothes and hands every time you touch it. If you can manage to keep your hands off your beautifully colored hair, then go for it! If you find some way of sealing it that works better than hairspray, let me know!

How To:
Working one section at a time, spray hair with water until damp.
Rub a tiny dot of conditioner into the section.
Using an individual eye shadow, start at the top and work your way down, sliding the tub of shadow down your hair while holding it against the shadow with your thumb.

Coat the front and the back as many times as you would like until you get the desired color.
Spray with hairspray in an attempt to seal it.
Allow to dry, or blow dry.


Color Rub by Hairflairs

hair,human hair color,color,face,pink, Lasts: 1 Shampoo

Essentially Color Rub is exactly like the eye shadow technique, except it is a product made specifically for your hair and is used by salons. It is not supposed to rub off or transfer to clothing, which was my main issue with the eye shadow. It comes in bright, vibrant colors, is very easy to apply and washes out quickly. The downside is that it’s about $10 per color, but it does last through several applications.

How To:
Working one section at a time, spray hair with water until damp.
Rub a tiny dot of conditioner into the section.
Using the Color Rub, start at the top and work your way down, sliding the tub down your hair while holding it against the color with your thumb.

Coat the front and the back as many times as you would like until you get the desired color.
Spray with hairspray in an attempt to seal it.
Allow to dry, or blow dry.


Color Rub offers a temporary splash of fun that's perfect for those who want to experiment with color without the commitment. Think of it as makeup for your hair, a way to instantly jazz up your look for a special occasion or just because you're feeling whimsical. The application process is straightforward, making it a breeze to switch up your style in a flash. Remember, while it's designed not to stain, wearing something you wouldn't mind getting a bit of color on is a wise move when you transform your hair into a vibrant canvas.


Colored Mascara

hair,clothing,blue,girl,lady, Lasts: 1-2 Shampoos

You can find Colored Mascara in most cosmetic stores. The colors are a bit limited but it stays in your hair great until you wash it out! If you have access to it, try using Hard Candy’s mascara because they have a fairly substantial variety of colors to choose from, as well as “glitter” mascara, which is beautiful. This temporary “dye” is very simple and incredibly fast.

How To:
If your hair is fairly dark and you are using a deep color, it is a good idea to use white base mascara first.

Use the mascara brush to pull color through the tips of your hair, or add streaks.
Allow to dry before touching or changing clothes so you don’t stain anything.



hair,face,black hair,hairstyle,beauty, Lasts: 2 days-2 months depending on hair color and texture.

I want to start by saying I have never tried this, but I did watch about 15 YouTube videos to find the easiest way it can be done. There are about 4 different methods of using washable markers to dye your hair, but this one is by far the fastest and most efficient.

How To:
Pry the back of the marker open and remove the tube of color.
Use scissors to cut the plastic tube open and remove the color-soaked felt.
Moisten the felt with a couple of drops of water.
Rub the felt on the desired areas of your hair.


Once you've prepared your color-soaked felt, it's all about getting creative with placement and color choices. Gently glide the felt along strands of hair, ensuring even coverage. Experiment with different hues to create a unique look. Keep in mind, lighter hair will show more vibrant results, whereas darker locks may reveal more subtle tints. After applying, allow your hair to air dry or blow-dry it for a quicker result. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands and use old towels to protect your clothing. Remember, it's a temporary splash of fun – perfect for weekends or special events!


Food Coloring

hair,color,blue,purple,hairstyle, Lasts: 1 week to 3 months, depending on your hair

Using food coloring to dye your hair is really easy and almost always lasts longer than a washing or two. If you have blonde hair, the color may stay in longer and be a deeper shade, while if you have dark hair, it may just add a hint of color. Everyone’s hair is different, so I can’t make any promises as to what sort of result to expect.

How To:
Pour your desired food coloring into a disposable cup.
Use a toothbrush to comb it into your hair.
Let it sit for 10 minutes.
Blow dry.
Do not wash for 24 hours.


Colored Hairpsray

hair,human hair color,black hair,face,clothing, Lasts: 1 Shampoo

Coloring your hair this way is ultra easy and you can choose from shades that cross the entire rainbow. Some even have glitter added. They are fun for crazy hair day or for attending a sporting event for your favorite team. Use colored hairspray with the assurance that it will wash out with only one shampoo. Be aware that it may rub off on furniture or clothing, though it's easy to wash it off.

How To:
Style your hair as you usually do.
Use the colored hairspray by spritzing it anywhere you want to hold your hair in place.


Clip Ins

hair,face,person,beauty,hairstyle, Lasts: Until you take them out

There is no easier way to temporarily color your hair than using clip ins. These wonderful products come in any color imaginable and you simply attach them to your own hair. You have complete control of where they end up and you can choose just the right color for any event.

How To:
Open the clasp on the clip in
Snap it in place where you want it
Style your hair as desired

All of these temporary ways to color your hair will allow you to transform the way you look without having to worry about it lasting forever. Every single one of these methods are messy and have the potential to dye your clothing, furniture or surface areas, so I strongly recommend wearing old clothes and covering your beauty area properly with old sheets or plastic. I also suggest wearing gloves! It will save you from having to scrub your hands repeatedly trying to get the stains off. I love experimenting with ways to change my hair. What method do you use to add a fun pop of color to your gorgeous locks?
This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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Anything of the methods that last more than one wash are technically semi-permanent not temporary. Awesome tips though!

Aaaahhh!!! This are SO easy!

for the food colouring one does it was out easy for dark blonde hair or is it permanent

Is it permanent

Hi um I have brown/blonde hair and for the chalking one it says not to wet it but I'm trying to dye my hair temp. black and I'm afraid it will all just come off on my white clothing?? if i use the straightener will it still be able to rub off?

Oh btw if you look at my profile picture, that's a semi permanent purple dye job I got at the hair salon, but anyways, if you're gonna do the marker thing, make sure you put gloves on because it will get kind of messy

Does red work for a blueish purple hair

I have dark brown hair, would most of these work for me?

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