12 Fab & Easy Bun Hairstyles ...

Easy bun hairstyles are so in right now and the best part is that many of them are super quick to do! Whether you are running out the door to school or you are trying to get ready for work, these easy bun hairstyles are quick and so, so simple! These styles work great if you have super long hair, or even if you have medium length hair! So give it a try, girls, and let us know how fun and easy it was!

1. Knot Bun

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The knot bun is by far one of the easiest easy bun hairstyles out there! It is all about the technique and this tutorial gives a fantastic technique. It's also super simple to follow, so you'll never have to worry about not pulling off the knot bun! Knot buns are definitely in right now, so just remember that!

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