7 Different Ways to Braid Your Hair ...


7 Different Ways to Braid Your Hair ...
7 Different Ways to Braid Your Hair ...

With so many ways to braid your hair, this will definitely be one of your go-to looks this summer! Long, medium, or semi short, you can braid your hair, even if you only plait a few small strands for a pretty accent. I grew my hair out for the express purpose of playing around with braids, so I'm constantly looking up intricate, gorgeous techniques – or timeless looks, like the classic French braid. So from involved and innovative to classic and chic, here are seven different ways to braid your hair!

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The Messy Boho Twist

I love finding all the different messy ways to braid your hair, mainly because I have clumsy fingers. You don't have to have flawless braiding skills to rock this gorgeous, casual chic style. It takes the signature Boho style and gives it a neat nighttime twist, making this a wonderful day to night 'do.


The Magnificent Mermaid Braid

Although the fishtail braid is still popular, it gets a more regal update with the lush, thick mermaid braid. Better suited to longer lengths, it will take some practice, so you might want to enlist some help from a friend. The effect makes it worth the effort, especially when you're looking for a unique and stunning date night style.


The Angelic Braided Halo

These aren't quite Dutch or milkmaid braids, but close. This style is great for keeping your hair off your face when you're out at the beach, but it's also simplistic and chic for any other occasion. If you want to try something besides the traditional braided headband, just do a double!


The Stunning Side Swept Fishtail

Like say, fishtails are still amazingly popular, not to mention ultra pretty. The next time you're eager to try something new, just sweep it to the side. You'll want to practice the fishtail technique first, but once you've got that down, this inventive twist is easy.


The Carelessly Casual Side Braid

Side braids are one of the hottest hipster looks of the day, plus they're incredibly easy to do. You can work this look even if your hair's only medium length, you may just need a few strategically placed bobby pins to keep loose strands in place. This braid is ideal for workouts, casual outings, or lazy poolside days.


The Fantastical Fairytale Braid

Alternately known as the waterfall braid, this look is absolutely gorgeous! It's pretty involved, so you may want to save it for special occasions. Still, when you're heading out with that special someone, you'll seriously knock their socks off. Again, just to make sure everything stays even, you might need a friend to help you.


The Fab Braided Faux Hawk

I love this look! I was sure that any type of faux hawk was pretty much over, but this innovative twist changed my mind. This is a perfect party look, something to try the next time you're heading to a concert or going out dancing. And just look at all that volume!

A single, simple braid can easily change your entire look. Whether you're going all out with a wild fishtail braid or keeping it cool and funky with some Boho braiding action, you can definitely make this look work for you. What's your favorite way to braid your hair? If you have a style or technique you love, please share!

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