7 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Your Hair up ...

Whether it's quick and messy or perfect and pristine, an updo is a great, classic way to wear your hair. There are tons of styles for updos, most of which are glamorous and lovely. A lot of them are surprisingly easy to do as well, even by yourself. With the summer temperatures already soaring, they're also a great way to keep cool while still looking sensational. Check out some gorgeous ways to wear your hair up, and see what you think!

1. A Beautiful Bun

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Photo Credit: mellybee

A classic bun is an unequivocally gorgeous way to wear your hair up, and you've got tons of options. You can go with the classic style, but there are tons of variations to this particular updo. Whichever way you go, the style will highlight your cheekbones, your jaw, your profile, your neck – and lots more!

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