7 Brilliant Hairstyle Blogs ...


7 Brilliant Hairstyle Blogs ...
7 Brilliant Hairstyle Blogs ...

Brilliant Hairstyle Blogs are parts of the world wide web worth exploring if you are thinking of giving your 'do a much-needed update. I suggest that you give these brilliant hairstyle blogs a read before heading to the salon. Even if you're only "window shopping" for a possible new look, these brilliant hairstyle blogs will most definitely help you out.

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Hair Romance This is the blog of Christina. She is from Sydney and she has a love affair with her hair that is definitely enviable. From her blog: I never used to love my hair, in fact I hated it! My love of hair started the same time I met my husband. I met him and my hairdresser in the same street and two romances that would change my life forever started there. Fun, right? Check out Hair Romance now for tutorials, products to try, and more. We're sure you will agree with our decision to include Hair Romance in this list of brilliant hairstyle blogs.


The lady behind this blog grew up wanting straight hair. I can relate and I'm sure most of you can, too. But ever since she has embraced her naturally curly hair, she has had a mane that she can be proud of. Bookmark Curly Nikki now and learn how you can be proud of your beautiful, curly hair, too.


Curly Nikki is a popular blog created by a woman who once struggled with wanting straight hair. However, she has now fully embraced her natural curls and shares her journey and tips on how to love and care for curly hair. The blog features product reviews, tutorials, and inspiring stories from other women with curly hair. It also covers topics such as hair health, styling techniques, and embracing natural beauty. Curly Nikki has gained a large following and has become a go-to resource for women looking to embrace and celebrate their natural curls.


Hairdresser on Fire One of the brilliant hairstyle blogs today, Hairdresses on Fire is managed by one fierce hairstylist. This is the blog to check out if you want great posts about celeb hairstyle, tutorials, and fun stories. Other posts that you will surely love are on the tools, products, and other items that Reagan uses on her job.


This blog is no longer updated frequently but it's still a brilliant blog on hairstyles. Highlights are on hairstyle tutorials, products that you and your hair will love, and of course, celebrity 'dos you might want to copy.


Hair Thursday Hair Thursday is most definitely one of the brilliant hairstyle blogs we have today. Why? Because Sarah is gorgeous. Because this blog is a great resource for celeb hairstyles to try next, hair trends, products and tools to love, and makeover advice. Bonus: this blog has great beauty-related posts, too.


This is a blog for those who want to break their flat iron dependence. If you want to embrace your natural hair, this is a blog that will guide you on all crucial steps. From product spotlights to how-tos, to tips and tricks, Naturally Curly is a great blog to read. Bookmark now!


Hair Help! From the blog: This is a place for your hair questions, be that on styling, colouring, cuts, extensions or whatever takes your fancy. If I cant answer your questions I'll do my best to find somone who can. You can also submit your own reviews and tutorials, so this can be a place of collected knowledge. This is a Tumblr where you can ask questions about dying, hairstyling, and everything else hair. Lots of fantastic information to digest!

So those are some of the** brilliant hairstyle blogs** online today. Aren't they fab? These brilliant hairstyle blogs are making me want to grow my hair out and try twists and updos and braids and more!

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I really like your post . Thanks for sharing such an mazing hairstyles.

yeah its look good,try to make better and better,congrats frd

great blog, mostly about hairstyles Pretty Hairstyles 2014

Amazing hairstyle blogs! I have been always looking for high quality hair extensions that will perfectly blend with my natural hair.

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