7 Fun Hairstyles for School ...


7 Fun Hairstyles for School ...
7 Fun Hairstyles for School ...

When you’re heading back to school after the summer or even just spring break, you may want to jazz things up with a bold new hairstyle. At the same time you don’t want to change your look too much and be stuck with something you’re not sure you really like. Here are 7 ideas to try on your regular hair and make it look fantastic.

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A Curl on Your Ponytail

A Curl on Your Ponytail If a ponytail is your preferred look, you can jazz it up with a little curl at the ends. It gives your girly look an extra bounce and makes your hairstyle more endearing and appealing to others. It’s fairly easy to do, just work a little with your curling iron and your look is done.


Rock It with a Hair Band

Rock It with a Hair Band Hair bands are an excellent accessory to add to your regular look. You can use a hair band to pull all your hair back and have an innocent, schoolgirl look. Alternatively you can place it over your bangs using it purely as an accent piece. There are a myriad of styles to choose from – bold colorful patterns or discrete almost invisible versions.


Playful Pigtails

Playful Pigtails Pigtails are not just for girl scouts. There is something particularly appealing about young women in pigtails, it just works and no one really knows why. Tie your hair in a pair of low playful pigtails and rock that first day of school. Your look will certainly not go unnoticed. Combine it with a pair of geeky glasses, and the deal is sealed.


Sleek Top Bun

Sleek Top Bun The sleep top bun works well with young women who have high cheekbones and a well-defined jaw. The style is easy enough to execute. Pull your hair up as high as you can and then twist it into a bun. You can add a little accent bun holder or flower to keep your hair in place. A little product could also help in the sleek, non-messy effect.


To achieve the ideal sleek appearance, it's best to start with straightened hair, making sure any frizz or flyaways are smoothed out with a serum or hairspray. After securing your hair into a tight ponytail, coiling it into the perfect bun is a breeze. Another tip, especially for those with layered cuts, is to utilize bobby pins to tuck in stray ends for a more polished end result. Whether you're hitting the books or hanging out with friends, this chic updo keeps you looking effortlessly elegant throughout the day.


Bold Colors

Bold Colors If you really want to do something bold this time, try adding some highlights to your solid colored mane. Perhaps a shot of blonde across your deep chestnut tresses could work or even the other way round. Both will be real trendy and appealing crowd pleasers.


Accessorize with Sparkles

Accessorize with Sparkles Once again sparkling clips and hair accessories are not for 5 year olds. You get them in adult sizes and you can definitely make them work for you. Try putting your hair in a side parting and using some sparkling clips to keep them in place. Or you can even choose to tie your hair back in a low ponytail and use a sparkling hair tie.


Luscious Waves

Luscious Waves Finally if you are one who usually sports a long straight look, then consider doing something dramatic and going in for luscious waves. Think Jennifer Aniston’s typical hairdo at any premier. It is one style that is sure to grab attention.

It’s always fun to try out new looks with your hair. This is the time to experiment so hopefully with the suggestions above, you will be able to come into your own.

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