8 Risky Hairstyle Changes You Won't Regret ...


8 Risky Hairstyle Changes You Won't Regret ...
8 Risky Hairstyle Changes You Won't Regret ...

From time to time, everyone gets stuck in a hair fashion crisis. Many woman will not cut their hair for fear of getting a bad cut, something they can not fix themselves, or just hating the cut altogether. Stepping out and taking a few risks when cutting your hair can be worthwhile, and leave you feeling better than ever about yourself. You will reap the compliments and get the flair back in your look that you have been missing for sometime. Here are 8 risky hairstyle changes that you will not regret.

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Chop Those Bangs!

Bangs are a risky fix, but you won’t regret the sassy and sophisticated look they bring. Whether you pull your hair up or leave it down, having bangs will change the look of your hair and face instantly. If you hate them, they grow back quickly, so there’s little love lost in this deal.



From blonde to brunette, or brunette to red head, color can completely change your look and give your hairstyle the kick it needs. Color is fun, fast, and easy and can be changed whenever. You no longer have to be confined by the likes of your natural hair color, be who you want to be!


Add in Curls

Curls give your hair a fun new texture and can be straightened when you prefer. Putting some bounce in your hair can add volume and change the shape of your face. Curls can be sassy and give you a hip new look that will keep heads turning as you walk by.


Bob Cut

The bob cut is fun and timeless. While this short style may limit the number of ponytails you sport, it will not limit the fun you can have. Whether wavy or straight, this short do will keep you cool in the summer, and ready for the softball field as well as the red carpet.


Layered Styles

Whether your hair is short, medium length or long, layers are the way to go. Layers can add more dimension to your hair and offer you more forgiveness in styling. This option can let you wash and go and your hair will still look fabulous.


Pixie Crop

This wash and go haircut is a huge risk, but will leave you free to run out the door in a moment’s notice. Short and simple, many women find this cut to be liberating and fun. Keeping it trimmed will be an expense if your hair grows quickly.


Long Bangs, Short Hair

This option gives you coverage around your face and an easy to maintain style for the back of your head. Whether you swoop your bangs behind your ear or tease them up loud, you will love the fun this chic style can bring. As an added bonus, pajama days can offer a headband for comfort and fun.


Flowers, Headbands, and Jewels

Not all risky hairstyles come with a cut or color. Dressing your hair up with something out of the ordinary can gain full attention and offer you a no-commitment style. You can wear anything thinkable on your head and can make your hairstyle anywhere from graceful to punk.

Choosing which hairstyle is right for you can be difficult, but do not be afraid to take risks with your hair. It is far better to stand out in the crowd then it is to blend in. Let your hair make a statement about you and who you are! When in doubt, use one of these 8 risky hairstyle changes you won’t regret. Which one are you contemplating today?

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There is no number 5..?

Getting a pixie cut was the greatest thing I ever did! I was a little nervous at first, but now I'm never going back. It's so much more flattering than any other hair cut I've ever had and it shows off my eyes really well. Plus, it's never knotted and I don't even have to dry it! I am always complimented on it, and my cut has even inspired a couple of other girls that I know to do it, too. It's not for everyone, but it's just hair and it will grow back. :) The only downside like you said was the price of keeping it properly trimmed.

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