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13 Reasons to Go Back to Your Natural Hair Color ...

By Jelena

Deciding to back to natural hair color takes a lot of courage, even more if we’re talking about years and years of experimenting with different dyes until you’re like, “Well, I’m not even sure what my natural hair color is like but I’m sure it’s nothing special or I probably wouldn’t be dying it in the first place.” Sounds familiar? Well, been there- done that and, believe me, going natural can be a pretty rewarding experience! Furthermore, there are plenty of good reasons to go back to natural hair and the following 8 are something you should definitely take into account in case you’re tempted to make that decision:

1 To Cut Costs

High costs of hair-management might influence you to go back to natural hair color and, quite honestly, that can turn out to be a huge save! My platinum blonde look has really required some serious cash despite the fact there had been a lot of things I was willing to go DIY with. We’re talking dyes, frequent haircuts, tints, special hair-care products plus a pro dye & bleach job every third month to zap away all yellow or orange tones. Going natural will change a lot of things, deleting a lot of dye-related costs from your budget, allowing you to reallocate your resources into something that actually benefits your health or beauty in long term such as fitness membership, healthy, organic food, high quality preparative or decorative cosmetics.

2 To Relax

Can you imagine not having to dye your hair every 20 to 30 days, not having to worry about your dye being discontinued, not having to check your roots every once in a while to make sure new growth isn’t that apparent? It’s an amazingly liberating feeling you absolutely need to be reminded of and a perfect reason to go natural you definitely need to take into account in case you’re thinking about saying good-bye to dyes!

3 To Grow Hair

Growing hair out is much, much easier when ongoing chemical damages aren’t on your problems-to-focus-on list. There will be split ends to deal with, of course, but we’re talking about dusting, not chopping away inches that might have been precious if they hadn’t been so damaged. Now, in case you’re not into Rapunzel hair this might not be a very important reason to change your hair color so drastically but keep reading as there are plenty of other things to convince you to give your natural hair color a shot.

4 To Improve the Quality of Your Hair

Well, if length doesn’t do it for you, shine certainly will! We’re talking about volume, natural healthy shine, suppleness and all those things a girl completely forgets about when she spends a lot of time using harsh chemicals. In case you’re a light blonde or bleach/dye your hair to lighten it up at least two or three shades, your decision to go back to your natural hair color will prove to be a very interesting experience. It’s a bit weird at first but it definitely gets better and better!

5 To Clear the Path for New Experiments

Want more reasons to go back to natural hair color? How about the fact that natural and undyed hair is basically the best starting point for all future hair experiments? It’s hard to go blonde if your hair is already dyed brown, red or black and vice versa – bleached hair might be an ideal canvas to paint on but there’s nothing to prevent the color from bleeding out in the speed of light and so on. Natural hair color is a nice change on its own and, once you get bored of it, you can rest assured no hair stylist will ever refuse to help you transition into something new based on the fact that it's "too risky" or even "impossible without serious hair damage".

6 To Fall in Love with Your Natural Look

I love, love, love my natural hair color now and, thinking about it from this perspective, I still find the whole experience kind of shocking. I mean, if I had been asked about it four years ago, I’d probably use something along the lines of “dull” and “mud-colored” to describe it, completely ignoring those copper and burgundy highlights that always appear in summer and its deep, warm chestnut brown winter shade. People sometimes grow to like their natural color and the only way to find out if you’re one of those people is to think about going natural.

7 To Change Your Look

Changing your look for free might be one of the best reasons to go back to natural hair color ever and you don’t even have to worry about whether that look is going to suit you. Why? Because you can’t possibly look bad with something that’s naturally there and matches you skin tone and eye color perfectly!

8 To Focus on Other Things

There were a lot of things that didn’t look good on me back when my hair color had been so radically different. Burnt orange and brick lipsticks, red clothing, yellow clothing, green contact lenses I’m rocking nowadays and, I know it sounds a bit weird, but all those were my reasons to change hair color. A radical change is always fun at first then it turns into a routine and you can’t help but wonder is there anything else for you to try out. Then you realize the last memory of yourself rocking an au naturale look is junior prom and figure out the most radical thing to do is go back to the basics to catch up on all those fun outfits and makeup tricks you might have missed in the meanwhile.

9 Less Maintenance

Dying your hair might look great, but you've got to admit that it takes a lot of maintenance. Highlights, lowlights, ombre and all-over color all require upkeep and sometimes we just need a break from it. Rocking your natural hair color is so much easier to deal with since you don't need to worry about covering up roots or having the color fade.

10 Mismatch

If you've ever dyed your hair a totally different color than your natural color, you've probably experienced problems with certain colors not matching. Some hair colors just don't go well with certain shades of makeup or clothing which can get costly and make getting ready a hassle. If you stick with or go back to your natural hair color, you won't have to worry about any mismatching colors!

11 Chemicals

A popular reason for many women to stop dying their hair is to avoid contact with the chemicals in hair dye. I think we've all heard the stories of potential illnesses related to using hair dye so why not quit? Your hair will look and feel much better after you stop applying so many products and chemicals to your hair.

12 Endless Cycle

Another reason to go back to your natural color is the potential hair drama that you'll have to go through to get it back. If you dye your hair drastically different from your natural color, like going from light to black hair, you basically have to grow it out or bleach it several times which is damaging to hair. While this might sound like a reason to keep dying your hair, doing so is just going to prolong the inevitable and get you stuck on that endless cycle of dying your hair.

13 Over-processed Hair

Lastly and perhaps one of the more convincing reasons to go back to your natural hair color is to avoid over-processing your hair. Over-processing your hair doesn't take much, dying your hair too often, chemical processing or overuse of heat products is all it takes. If you already use heat tools and/or chemically treat your hair, why put your hair through the extra process of dying it? Go back to your natural color and it give your tresses a break!

What was your reason to change your hair color not by choosing a different dye, but letting your own colors shine? And are there any tips for going natural you’d like to suggest?

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