20 Things to Include in Your Hair Emergency Kit ...

Hair emergency kit is something every busy, hair-obsessed fashionista needs to have in order to ensure a perfect hairstyle regardless of the time of day, weather and…ah…all potential bumps on that road. And since that particular road is known for being a seriously bumpy one at times, keeping yourself prepared for a quick hairstyle fix is always a good way to go! And, regardless of whether you already have your SOS hair kit or are seriously considering putting together one soon, you should definitely check out these 20 popular, amazingly useful hair kit additions:

1. Bobby Pins

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It would be really hard to imagine a hair emergency kit not containing a couple of these babies – wouldn’t it? And just in case you’ve never needed or thought of coming up with an SOS hair kit of your own, do remember one simple rule – these go in first! A handful of bobbys won’t take a lot of space which makes it pretty hard for them to qualify as “dead weight” even when you’re not using them yet, when a hair emergency arises they are pretty much all you’ll need to get the situation under control.

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