8 Neat Tricks for Dealing with a Bad Haircut ...


8 Neat Tricks for Dealing with a Bad Haircut ...
8 Neat Tricks for Dealing with a Bad Haircut ...

How to deal with a bad haircut is a question even celebrities ask themselves from time to time! Now that right there is a great thing to remember in case you ever end up totally stressed over your bad cut! It happens, it totally sucks and it still doesn’t give you the right to shoot the stylist who did it which, of course, leaves only one thing to do - find ways for hiding a bad haircut until your hair grows back to its normal length. It’s time consuming and usually requires a bit more cash but will help you get the situation under control, not to mention that you still have a lot of choices available! Not all is lost, my ladies, and now is not the time to be desperate! Be practical and rational instead – check out this list of advices on how to hide a bad haircut and do something about it right now:

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Do Not Try to Fix It at Home

When you find yourself sitting in front of a mirror pissed off beyond words, with trembling hands and millions of things running through your head, you may even find the idea of fixing things all by yourself quite interesting. Do so and your hairstyle will go from bad to worst in a nanosecond! Sure, getting a new cut is a good way of dealing with a bad haircut - do entertain that thought but do your best not to let it evolve into an actual DIY project! Visit a proper stylist in case you don’t mind sacrificing your length or hit the “next” button for more ideas on how to deal with a bad haircut. Trust me – now is not the time to go searching for your scissors or watch any DIY haircut tutorials!


Say “Yes” to Curls

In case you’re wondering how to hide a bad haircut without having to get a new one and risk even more of your length, you should definitely invest in a curling iron or give a few curly heatless hairstyles a try. Curls look good on layered hair and will make it look more voluminous plus they are incredibly forgiving to really bad cuts and perfect for masking DIY projects gone terribly wrong. Simply curl your hair, finger-style it adding a few pins to complete the look and voila – who could have guessed that wasn’t what you were going for?



Want more tips for hiding a bad haircut? How about something that’s bound to help you make those way too short bangs looks much better? Style them using a hairdryer and a round brush in case you want to wear them down but have no desire to look like Ugly Betty or tease and hairspray them well and through and put up in a pompadour! Even the shortest of bangs can be pinned up or fluffed to look good if volumized properly so give it a go and do share your results!


Experiment with Different Styles

Still wondering how to deal with a bad haircut? Why not invest in a few styling products, call the glass half full and tell yourself this is the perfect time to catch up on all those amazing hairstyles you’ve been too busy to too lazy to do? Give yourself a DIY blowout, see how your hair looks with a side part, grab a styling pomade or a mousse and give beachy waves, faux hawk or flicks a shot!



Oh, and speaking about creative style changes – whatever you do, don’t go around revealing the motives behind that sudden burst of creativity! Can anyone know for sure that’s not what you were going for at all and that your amazing hairstyling talent is a result of dealing with a bad haircut and not, oh…I don’t know – a happy phase, hot new boyfriend, your astonishing talent for organizing free time in a way that benefits your looks? Nope and there’s no reason to let the cat out of the bag or provide extra gossip material for all those who enjoy hating you behind your back! Your closest friends and family will be happy to see you looking good and feeling happy, your boss doesn’t really care about your cut and your feelings about it as longs as it looks presentable and doesn’t stop you from doing your job and, as for all others…well, they can keep guessing.



From headbands and scarves to hats and even bobby pins – there are tons of ways to update any cut, even a bad one! Oh and should I even note how important cool accessories are for both styling and hiding a bad haircut? Say “yes” to pastels and neons in case trends are a big thing for you, buy or craft a few glitzy pieces to help you look great in formal occasions and don’t forget a few statement pieces of jewelry which, by the way, are a perfect way to draw the attention from your hair and the cut you’re not particularly proud of.


Get Inspired

Accidents happen- even in Hollywood! And regardless how rich, famous and beautiful you are, you just have to learn how to deal with a bad haircut! I can bet half of those undercuts are really a result of a relaxing session gone bad and I’m positively sure one of every three radical changes Hollywood beauties often shock the public with don’t have anything to do with publicity! It’s much easier for them, of course, but as you can see, even a team of super pro, super famous stylists can make a mistake. And if these ladies can rock it, show up for various events and smile, so can we! I know this won’t make it all better but still... knowing that photos of your new, totally unwanted hairstyle won’t hit the newsstands all over the world is pretty comforting!


Go Even Shorter

Last on my list of tips for hiding a bad haircut would be to visit a different stylist (duh) and give your luck another go. This new cut will, of course, be a bit shorter than you’ve planned but hey – shorter is still better than bad! Chop your Ugly Betty bangs even shorter and turn them into a sexy, Bettie Page look, opt for a sexy, short Mrs. Beckham slash Rihanna bob in case the medium-long one just didn’t look as good as you’ve expected, ask for a few extra layers to balance the ones you’ve already had but don’t particularly love and so on.

I know these tips can’t make you feel less disappointed or undo the damage but hey – at least you know how to deal with a bad haircut now, which is still better than having to live with it as is until your hair grows back! Any other tips for hiding a bad haircut? Well, let’s hear them!

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