7 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Haircut ...


7 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Haircut ...
7 Tips for Avoiding a Bad Haircut ...

A few tips to avoid a bad haircut might be a useful thing to have up your sleeve right now, before the summer ends and you suddenly get an incredible urge to go through a dramatic hairstyle change. Don’t you agree? And as strange and even impossible this may sound for the ones who share a very strong bond with their stylists, there are plenty of girls out there dying to know how to avoid a bad haircut! Luckily, there are plenty of ways for preventing bad haircuts and these following 7 will definitely help you leave your favorite hair salon feeling great and looking good:

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Let the Pro do the Cutting

Every list of helpful tips to avoid a bad haircut should contain a valuable yet well-known piece of advice – do not try this at home! Now, I know a DIY haircut can prove to be a very fun, budget-friendly experience and I’ve even tried it myself more than once yet I still think it’s not something all people would find thrilling. Want a flawless cut every time? See a pro! DIY-ing is cool but only if you’re willing to take the risk!


Chill out

Rash, emotional decisions are never the right ones to make, especially when they involve your hair! Trust me, finding your inner peace before you decide to walk into a hair salon is crucial for preventing bad haircuts and hairstyle changes you might regret later. Relax, chill, clear your head and give your new idea some time to cook regardless of how good it may sound at first – you may feel different about it sometime from now or it might prove to be a great one which is an even better reason to go for it…after you’ve gotten your hormones and/or emotions under control!


Bring a Photo

Still wondering how to avoid a bad haircut? Why not bring a photo (or a few) for your next hair appointment? Ask your stylist to take a look at them, explain what is it that you like about each hairstyle and let him or her determine whether or not that can be done to your hair. You should have in mind that styles seen on celebrities and models rarely ever work in real life and require a lot styling and products to look perfect so don’t expect an identical result and keep your mind open for suggestions.


Be Precise

Next on my list of tips to avoid a bad haircut is to avoid something most of us are guilty of – vague descriptions. You can’t put it in words? No problem! Show what you want done! Say, “I want my longest layer to end here” *point a finger* or say, “I want my bangs to look like this” *draw an imaginary line over your forehead*. It may sound a bit loony but it sure beats the “little shorter”, “bit longer”, “thinner” ,“puffier” or any other similar descriptions we use when talking to our stylists.


Be Honest

A hairstylist is one of those people you shouldn’t ever lie to! Kind of like a dentist, really, or a physician. You wouldn’t lie to your dentist now, would you? And I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that he can always tell how many times a day you REALLY brush your teeth! Well, unlike your dentist, your stylist can’t tell much about your styling habits by simply looking at your hair (unless you’re really addicted to your flat iron, of course) which is why you must be completely honest even if that involves admitting you really and truly hate spending time in front of a mirror or confessing you’re an obsessive perfectionist. It’s a must-do all of you ladies wondering how to prevent a bad haircut should take really seriously as it will help your stylist determine how high or low maintenance you’re expecting your haircut to be!


Seek a Professional Advice

In case you’re not really sure what you want yet feel pretty convinced a bad cut is not it, let your stylist (or, even better, a few different ones) give you a few tips on what may and may not look good on your hair. This will require an extra trip to the hair salon but it’s still one of the best tips to avoid a bad haircut as it will not only provide valuable info on what to look, go and hope for but maybe even a few styling tips to use later on.


Speak up

Preventing a bad haircut will be a piece of cake if you quit snoozing and start paying attention on what’s going on around you. Don’t be shy – if you have a reason to believe your stylist is not sticking to the deal, remind him/her that’s not exactly what you were going for. And don’t let anyone tell you the first wrong snip translates to “what’s done is done” as there is always a way to fix things and a skilled stylist should be able to do so. Waiting until the end to vocalize your disapproval, in the other hand, really does spell “Game Over” and won’t do anything to change the situation you’re in.

Have any cool tips to avoid a bad haircut in mind? Do share them! Preventing a bad haircut is a huge issue for all us girls, so share your fool-proof tips and let’s make sure no girl out there has to deal with a bad cut ever again!

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NEVER EVER cross your ankles while getting your hair cut you will be lopsided

Keep in mind, hairstylists are not magicians and mind readers! Explain yourself THOROUGHLY (if you have no picture) as to what you want the style to look like. A question I always ask my clients is "what don't you like about your hair and what don't you like about your last haircut". So if they don't ask, don't be afraid to tell them! Its better for them to know ahead of time so that they can give you a satisfying result. But... this doesnt mean to take the comb out of their hand and become controlling (this happens all too often in the salon!)

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