11 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer ...


11 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer ...
11 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer ...

Growing out your hair is definitely a test of patience. It feels like years go by before we even see any significant difference, right?! Well, now you can see the results as soon as you want them. Here's a look at some easy and sneaky ways to make your hair look longer:

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Straighten It

Wondering how to make hair look longer? Well, your favorite straightener just might be everything you’ll need to make it happen! Girls with curly hair should really see a huge difference although you can count on your hair appearing longer even if it was only wavy or almost straight to begin with. Due to its smooth texture, picture-perfect, straightened hair not only looks longer but shinier and more glamorous, too!


Pull It up

Unusual? Maybe! But it works like a charm! Your shoulder length hair will look much longer and more voluminous if you tease the bottom part and twist it into a chignon or put it up into a glamorous bun using a bun sponge as a base. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how but trust me – this is one of those tricks for longer hair that really works!


Braid It

Thinking about radically changing your hairstyle? Why not opt for micro-braids? This interesting hairstyle provides endless possibilities in terms of styling and can even be used to fake a super fast hair growth! Simply purchase synthetic hair of desired length (and fear not as synthetic is actually best for braids) and have your hairstylist braid those strands with your own! Voila! These braids will keep looking great well over a month, allowing you to not only enjoy the added length but keep your own hair protected as well.


Consider Clip in Extensions

Safe, relatively budget-friendly and incredibly easy to use, clip in extensions are the perfect answer to a question that has been troubling us all at some point - how to make hair look longer instantly? You can opt for very real-looking synthetic hair in case you’re not planning on using them a lot or purchase a set made with real hair that can be curled, washed and maintained just as your own tresses. Clip in, clip out – how easier can it get? I’m giving them thumbs up!


Wear Contrast Colors

My photo says it all – I absolutely love black! I love it so much that I can freely say that every single “key piece” of my wardrobe is black! But, guess what? That’s actually a bad thing because my hair is dark enough to blend in with my clothes and appear shorter than it actually is. I haven’t really noticed this until my friend pointed it out but now that I do. I can really say that my recent efforts to incorporate a bit of color into my wardrobe are paying off. Give it a shot, it’s a good and, most importantly, very unique trick for longer hair you probably won’t get to see mentioned anywhere else.


Incorporating contrasting colors in your outfit can work like an optical illusion, creating a vivid backdrop for your dark tresses. Imagine the pop of a cobalt blue top or a rich ruby red dress against your hair! This stylistic change doesn't just spice up your wardrobe, it also artfully outlines your hair length. You'll often find me now reaching for that splash of sunshine yellow or that touch of tranquil teal – whatever stands out against my hair shade. It's an instant hair-length highlighter that's both fashionable and functional. Who knew a simple change in hue could serve such dual purposes?


Add Shine

Straight and shiny equals longer-looking! Another optical illusion, another interesting trick for longer hair to try out! So? What are you waiting for? Give your flat iron a run for its money and don’t forget to seal the look and prevent frizz by applying a coat of shine serum! This last step won’t take more than a minute of your time and will do wonders for your looks!



Hairpieces are not the newest nor the hottest product on the market but could sure help you fake longer hair for special occasions. Have them in mind in case you’re looking for ideas on how to make hair look longer, shall you? After all, I bet no one could ever doubt their usefulness, especially when it comes to the styling of really short hair! Step one – style or smooth your hair down using gel or hairspray, step two – secure the ends into a ponytail, step three - attach a bun/chignon or a ponytail of desired length. So simple!


Get a Proper Haircut

You're probably thinking, "Isn't that the complete opposite of what I'm trying to achieve?!" Not necessarily. Cutting your hair in layers can make it look more flowy and longer! Also, haircuts are super important to the general health of your hair! Did you know that skipping trims can actually cause your hair to shrink? By trimming your hair, you can get rid of your split ends and make sure that every time your hair grows, it's adding to your overall length.


Use a Center Part

Parting your hair in the center is a very easy (and sneaky) way to make your hair seem lengthier. According to Michael Van Clarke, a top London stylist and founder of hair care line 3 More Inches, a center part "directs the eye to give a slightly narrower effect, whereas a side-part, while very flattering, gives you width on the side, as opposed to adding length." It's worth a shot, right?


Hair Growth Shampoo

This won't happen overnight (although it'd be awesome if it did) but if you use shampoos that are specifically designed to promote hair growth, you'll definitely get results. I've been using the Mane 'n Tail shampoo and it's helped my hair become longer AND thicker in just a matter of weeks!


Take Biotin

Like the hair growth shampoo, the result won't happen overnight. However, they WILL happen! The supplement promotes healthy hair growth which is exactly what you need!

Are there any other cool ideas on how to make hair look longer? Do share! A neat trick for longer hair is something every girl could benefit from!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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Pull part of your hair up into a ponytail and for the part that is down, make sure the sides aren't showing and bobby pin the rest of it to we're its not showing. It makes it look SUPER long

its effort but rly nyc

Loved it

Also, if you decide to wear your hair in a ponytail, you can divide it in half, and wear 2 ponytails instead of one with the top ponytail covering the bottom one. It makes your hair look super long.

Wow great tips thanks

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