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7 Tutorials on How to Stretch Tight Curls ...

By Jelena

How to stretch tight curls without heat and one-way solutions such as chemicals is the next question that so deserves a good answer! And, just in time for the holiday season and all those glam parties- how’s that for perfect timing. So, is there a damage-free way to loosen up your everyday coils a bit an turn them into interesting waves or even big, lush, celebrity-like curls? Absolutely and singular form doesn’t even begin to cover it! Ditch your blow-dryer and flat iron right now, take a good look at these video tutorials explaining how to stretch tight curls and, by the time you’re finished experimenting, you may even discover that you don’t need to book yourself a pro blowout after all!

1 Luscious Big Curls

Wondering how to stretch tight curls without heat and not to the point where they turn into waves? Well, this is the perfect video for you! J.Lo curls coming right up and you don’t even have to get your hair blown out first or spend a full hour battling with your curling iron! Take a peek and get acquainted with this simple, heatless way to stretch curls literally overnight!

2 Easy Braiding Method for Stretching Hair

Braids are a perfect method for stretching tight curls and something you could definitely use to get your curls to loosen up a bit and enable you to show that fabulous, natural, well-groomed length! Give it a go in case you’re tired of banding or simply want to try something new, easy and totally effective!

3 Banding Stretching Technique

Speaking about banding, here’s a helpful little tutorial to help you nail down the basics and do it perfectly on the first try! Funny – I’ve been doing this a lot on my hair in summer, usually to keep my blowout perfect despite the heat, yet it never occurred to me that this alone would be enough to make it straight! My loss is your gain, though, so give it a go and let me know what you think of it.

4 Hot Roller Curls

Oh-la-la! If you love those sexy, vintage-looking pin curls and are hoping to find a way to make your hair look straightened without the help of an actual straightener, this video tutorial is a must try! It may look a bit complicated and, yup, there sure are plenty of steps to follow through but hey – a movie-star hairstyle like this is worth the extra effort! Smooth with just the perfect dose of curl, what a fantastic ‘do right in time for the holiday season!

5 Hot Roller Curls Number 2

Speaking about those big glamorous curls you may want to complete your holiday style with- here’s another way to achieve that amazing smooth texture without losing any of that great volume! Next stop: beauty supply shop! Gear up with as many roller sets you need and give this great tutorial for stretching curls a go!

6 Double Stretch Method

Easy and totally effective, this double stretch method will help you get the maximum length out of your tresses, giving you two textures to experiment with. Play with your length after you take it out of the buns or move to the next step, braid it and enjoy this sort of a wavy, zig-zagy texture it creates.

7 Tutorial for Stretching Curls Using Jumbo Flexirods

Flexirods are an amazing tool! And this is exactly why you should give them a go! No heat, no stress, no expensive styling gadgets- just these good old bendable rods, freshly washed and detangled hair and the magic can start happening! Check this video out to get yet another great idea on how to unwind those tightly coiled curls and score yet another great hairstyle that will, without any doubt, prove to be super useful in tons of occasions!

Which methods for stretching tight curls do you use and how do you like these listed below?

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