7 Situations in Which You Should do Your Own Hair ...


7 Situations in Which You Should do Your Own Hair ...
7 Situations in Which You Should do Your Own Hair ...

Do your own hair sometimes – it really pays out! It may seem like a mission impossible, a DIY destined to fail and a huge gamble, but there are plenty of reasons to style your hair all by yourself, regardless of how scary that thought may seem at first! But why do your own hair when you can leave that to a pro? Well, here are a few reasons you won’t be able to dismiss so easily.

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When Travelling

Trips to foreign countries are probably one of those times when you should do your own hair and save yourself the trouble of searching for a hairstylist while relying on the recommendations of people you don’t know. There are plenty of things to see and do, plenty of pictures to take – why on Earth would you want to spend your time trying to locate a hairstylist? Plus, let’s not forget that being a stranger in desperate need of a style can leave a lot of room for unusually high prices or that the style you will receive is not guaranteed to be perfect since it’s pretty obvious you’re not going to be returning for more.


When Unsure of the Stylist’s Skills

Your stylist is out of town and you don’t have anyone trustworthy to turn to for a suggestion? Well, that I believe is a good reason to style your hair at home! Hairstyles don’t come cheap and you have a 50/50 chance of walking out of the salon dissatisfied – why not use the time you’d spend searching for a stylist or waiting to be squeezed into the schedule to style your own hair?


When the Occasion Isn’t That All-Important

I’d go get my hair professionally styled if I’m supposed to attend somebody’s wedding, graduation party or hit the high school reunion party but feel strongly against wasting my money on a hairstyle I am to wear on a regular night out, dinner date or even the flashiest form of evening entertainment popularly known as Bouzoukia. Seriously, I’ve got my two hands, bobby pins, hairspray, some tiny butterfly clips, a teasing comb and a couple of YouTube channels I love to watch (and share with you, of course). The result is always a cool-looking hairstyle and tons of compliments!


When Operating on a Tight Budget

A limited budget is definitely one of the good, solid reasons to style your hair at home! Think about it – why spend more than half of the money you currently have on something that will be good for a night when you can do it yourself, pocket the cash and use it to buy something you’ll get to enjoy much longer? Like a top you like very much or some makeup, nail polishes or whatever it is that you need! Not a bad idea, huh? Especially if you’re not making your own money and need to stretch the allowance as much as possible while still making sure you’re able to go out and afford some things that are your personal guilty pleasures.


When You Have a Stylist Close by

Why do your own hair when you have a stylist just down the street? Well, isn’t that a happy thought! But here’s the thing – having a stylist close by is actually a good reason to opt for a DIY! If your DIY hairstyle ends up looking good you get to wear it and pocket the cash, if not you can always put a hat over your hair and rush to see a pro! You can’t lose anything and you can have fun and win a whole hairstyle worth of spending money!


When It’s a Last Moment Notice

If your friends aren’t a super organized bunch and prefer last minute planning, a DIY hairstyle might be the only option available. Picture it – you need to pick out an outfit, get your hair and makeup done and maybe even paint your nails, and you have less than two hours to do it all! A trip to the stylist will eat up a full hour, presuming it’s not too late in the evening and you manage to talk somebody into squeezing you in. Do the next best thing – make sure your hair is freshly washed, bookmark a few quick hairstyles and be prepared to work some DIY magic in case the final decision is to go out.


When You Have an Extra Set of Hands Available

Having an extra set of hands present (they usually come attached to a body, though, most likely the one you’ll recognize as either your mother, sister, cousin or a BFF) is a great reason to style your hair at home and try a super cute yet complicated hairstyle you couldn’t do on your own! My sister (ab)uses my hands for braids whenever they happen to be in the country and I’m not the one to shy away from a free hairstyle either, especially since she’s so good at it! Give it a try! It’s fun, it’s budget-friendly and helps you look great!

Why do your own hair, ladies? Are your reasons similar to mine or you happen to have an even better suggestion?

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Nice tips. I have a tight budget, however, even when I didn't, I always did my hair myself unless I wanted to treat myself. I find that when I do it myself, I tend to like it better

I've been doing everything on my hair myself (except when I was my ends totally even I have my hubby snip the tips level) for a couple years now. It's great and efficient but sometimes I miss the salon lol

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