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7 Pros of Having Short Hair ...

By Jelena

Pros of having short hair are exactly the things to tip the scale and convince you short was the right choice or will be a right choice, should you decide to wave your long to medium tresses good-bye and rock a short, oh-so-popular-in-Hollywood cut! Some pros of having short hair are already well known, others may not be as popular but are definitely worth mentioning, so let’s remind ourselves all of short hair pros that make this length so popular and worth sacrificing those precious inches.

1 It Dries Fast

Making a decision to go all naturalista and use as little heat as possible to dry and style your hair is a piece of cake when you have short hair! You won’t have to wait for hours or be forced to blow dry in winter just to make sure the hair is really as dry as it feels and you can allow yourself to be a little lazy and wait until the last possible moment to dry your hair, too. Why? Because! By the time you pick an outfit and do your makeup, your mane will be almost dry and ready to be styled! Awesome, isn’t it? I’m telling you, this is one of those pros of having short hair you are definitely going to enjoy!

2 It’s Lightweight & Voluminous

The longer your hair grows, the heavier it feels! And don’t even get me started on that obvious lack of volume at the roots! I’m still trying to work up a solution and so far no such luck! Short hair, on the other hand, won’t prove to be a challenge in this way. If it’s thick and voluminous, the right cut and a few styling products will help tame it. If it’s thin, a short haircut will make it more voluminous and give it bounciness, helping you get the most out of your root-booster or any other volumizing product you choose!

3 It’s Perfect for Summer

Speaking about benefits of short hair – do I even need to mention that every long-haired girl gets the urge to go short in summer? Seriously, this is the only cut you get to have a lot of fun with during super hot months! Feel free to layer on even the heavier of your styling products in the evening and don’t forget to take your time to notice how easy beach maintenance of this cut is!

4 It’s Always Healthy & Shiny

A short cut might not be the least demanding one in terms of trims but that sure helps it look gorgeous, shiny and healthy all the time! Furthermore, I shudder to think of the things one must do to short hair in order for it to look absolutely damaged! But let’s look at the bright side, shall we? Even if your DIY turns awry and you do end up with half fried hair, you won’t have to spend months trying to cover the mess up. Your hair will grow out and become a perfect candidate for a trim in just a month from now and one or two trims are all it takes for the damaged bits to be completely removed!

5 Faster Transition between Dyes

One of my high school friends used to change hair colors every few months, all thanks to her short hairstyle! She’d dye it black, rock the solid color for a month or two, then take a break for the next two-three months, trimming her hair often to get the black out. Then she’d try red, or pink or even green and fuchsia! How cool is that? You can change your hair color at least two times a year! And the biggest pro of short hair – you don’t even have to worry about transitioning and months and months (even years) of suffering with two-toned hair!

6 Styling is a Piece of Cake

Short hair doesn’t take ages to style and, oh isn’t this a short hair benefit I miss the most! Seriously, even if you want to straighten it and are using your hairdryer and a brush for it, the whole thing takes…what…10 minutes? Tops! Another cool thing is definitely the fact that short hair holds a style much better and helps you get the most out of every styling product you use and oh, if it gets flattened over night, all you have to do is fluff it or dampen and redo that area. Which, given the total time needed to style your entire hair, is a rough equivalent of a good, by-the-book teeth brushing session.

7 Short Hair is HOT

Super hot! Hot, hot, hot! Take a look at the magazines, check out the famous ladies and you’ll see how sexy, glamorous, fierce, romantic and ladylike short hair can be! Many people seem to believe that versatility is not one of the biggest short hair pros but we know better, don’t we ladies? And we’ve seen how many interesting yet totally different looks we can expect to get from a short cut! Yay!

Which pro of having short hair are you especially fond of? Is there a short hair benefit I’ve forgotten to mention? Let me hear it, short-haired ladies, I know you love your hair and have a pretty impressive list of reasons you love it!

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