7 Reasons to Love Your Hair Type ...


7 Reasons to Love Your Hair Type ...
7 Reasons to Love Your Hair Type ...

Do you find it hard to love your hair? Our hair can often cause us more frustration than any other aspect of our appearance, perhaps because it's so much a part of our image. Many of us spend a lot of time and money trying to change the look of our hair. We change the color, have extensions put in because we can't persuade it to grow longer, straighten our curls or have curls put in when it's straight. It's really so much easier to learn to be happy with your hair as it is! So here are some great reasons to love your hair type, whatever it is.

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It's Part of You

Why should you not love your hair, when it's part of you? Perhaps you find it frustrating because it's so curly, and you can't do a thing with it. Instead of hating your hair, learn to work with it. Get a good cut and find products that work for you. Perhaps you were teased for being a redhead? Hey, there are women who spend a fortune coloring their hair to get the look that you were born with!


Time (and Money) Saving

Changing your hair because you're unhappy with it is very expensive and involves a lot of visits to the salon. What's more, you have to keep repeating the process regularly. Work out how much money you spend on your hair, and you'll probably get quite a shock when you total up the annual bill for salon visits and expensive shampoos. Learn to love your natural hair, and you'll save both time and money!



If you've always hated your hair, then it's time to stop and take a closer look. Is it really that bad? You might think it's a boring mousy brown or a dull blonde, but a closer glance will show the different shades. Nobody else has hair exactly like yours, so be proud of it - it's unique!



Whatever your hair type, and however much you hate it, I can guarantee one thing. Someone else loves it and wishes that they had your hair! The funny thing about hair is that we invariably dislike our own, and love someone else's. Yet they hate their hair and would probably love ours! Remember what I said about redheads? Those people who teased you when you were a kid are probably envious now!



Learning to be happy with your hair makes your life a lot more practical. Instead of having to spend hours every morning straightening your hair (which isn't good for the condition), you can get ready much faster if you accept your natural hair. Plus it avoids the time and expense of having your hair colored (a decent colorist does not come cheap, and do you really enjoy having to go back once a month to have your roots touched up?).


Getting Used to It

If you're going to learn to love your hair, you need to get used to it. We all see a picture of a celebrity or model, or pass a girl in the street, and wish we could have her hair. Well, we can't, and if we somehow did manage to get an exact copy of her hair, it might not suit us anyway. Why not just get used to the fact that your hair is as it is!


Get What You're Given!

Sure, if we don't like our hair we can change it, but for the reasons I've discussed above that can be a nuisance. It can be so much easier to just accept what nature (and your genetic heritage) have given you. Any negative feelings about your hair are probably nothing more than your perception, so start to look at your hair another way. I used to dislike the color of my hair, now I think it's quite interesting and I'm much happier with it. Nothing's changed about my hair - just my outlook.

If you wish you could wave a magic wand and get the hair of your dreams, or you're unhappy with your natural color or hair type, try to see it a different way. Your hair is probably much nicer than you think it is. It's fun to experiment with color and try a different image, but that's different from hating your hair, as many of us do. How do you feel about your hair - would you do anything to change it if you could?

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@Alaina Bork very true

Thats so me!! Living everyone else's hair while despised mine my hair is wavy with some curly strands and straight strands scattered throughout my hair, yes I know weird. they should come up with a new hairtype for me! But over the years when my friends got the chance to see my hair once out of the shower they would say: " Wow! I love your hair, I wish I had curly hair like you!" Please you don't want this mess. Now that I was able to read some of these tips I think I'll just put them in practice and change the outlook on my hair!! :D

OMG I hated my thick curly hair! I mean it's REALLY THICK! But now I realize everyone wants my thick curly hair so I love it now!

This was amazing. As a hairdresser I know how hard some women are on their own hair and want someone else's hair. But guess what? Someone is looking at you dying for what you have.

Awesome article I am all about loving me!! I encourage other women to also embrace their beauty:)


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