7 Fab Tips for the Hair Color of Your Dreams ...


The tips for hair color of your dreams you’re about to read are professional but not hard to do at home, very informative but not to the point where you have to splurge on products you don’t normally use just to complete the look – all in all, a perfect thing to read if you’re planning a major color change and looking for hair coloring tips to help you get the perfect result! These pros definitely know a lot of interesting stuff and are ready to share, so take a look at their tips for hair color before you start DIY-ing!

1. Opt for Cool or Neutral Tones

First of many great tips for hair color you’re going to love is something pro stylist Jason Backe suggests in his interview with Marie Claire. If the result you want to achieve is a lighter shade than your natural one, you should definitely look for hair dyes with cool or neutral tones. Warm tones, as Backe points out, may leave a brassy sheen, which may ruin your look and your good mood.

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