7 Quick Hair Makeover Tips ...


7 Quick Hair Makeover Tips ...
7 Quick Hair Makeover Tips ...

Hair Makeovers are a fun way to update your day to day look. A quick hair makeover can do wonders for your appearance. Not everyone can have the luxury of getting their hair professionally styled every day, so easy at-home hair makeover solutions are a saviour. Below are just a few tips for a quick and effective hair makeover.

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Add a Hair Pin

Add a bejewelled brooch to a messy bun for a quick hair makeover. If you don’t have time to perfect a polished bun, a decorative addition such as a hair pin or brooch is a simple way of adding a bit of elegance to your look. Tie your hair back in a low, messy bun, and pin the accessory to one side.


Braid It

Braids can greatly transform a hairstyle. Whether they are ethereal fishtail braids or a braided top-knot, braids are a fashionable favourite all year round. If you’re in a rush, a loose side-braid is a great casual option.


Add Embellishments

Floral, lace, or metallic embellishments are all stylish ways to update your hairstyle. A lacy embellished headband worn low on the head is a great way to recreate a bohemian 70s inspired hair makeover. Metallic cuff embellishments teamed with a slicked back ponytail are great for working the futuristic trend.


Part It

Parting your hair in a different place from usual can dramatically change your look. If you normally part your hair to one side, why not try parting it straight down the middle? If you are trying a new part, make sure you hold it in place with a styling serum or spray as hair can sometimes have the tendency to want to fall back into its usual place.


Add a Headband

Decorative touches such as headbands are great for quick hair makeovers. If you build up a collection, you’ll have plenty to match different outfits and occasions. A black patent Alice Band looks great worn with a tousled bun, and bow headbands look sweet worn with soft wavy curls.


Crimp It

While crimped hair may have seemed like a passing fad, it has enjoyed renewed popularity on recent designer runways. The key to working this hair makeover is to keep hair sleek and polished, rather than frizzy and unmanageable. For example, crimp the front strands of your hair and tie into a low ponytail.


Add Volume

Adding volume to your hairstyle is a great idea for a hair makeover. If you’re wearing your hair up, tease the crown to create a bee-hive inspired bun. If you’re wearing your hair out, create voluminous waves with the help of volumising spray and a curling wand.

These are just a few simple hair makeover tips that will hopefully give your old hairstyle a lift. Adding embellishments and other decorative touches are easy solutions, while adding volume or crimping are great new style options.What are your best hair makeover tips?

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