8 Pro Tips for Super Shiny Hair ...


8 Pro Tips for Super Shiny Hair ...
8 Pro Tips for Super Shiny Hair ...

Shiny Hair is a very attainable goal, my ladies, and there are plenty of great, extremely helpful tricks to help you get that shiny hair you’ve seen on TV. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive products, you don’t have to force a ban on your blow dryer and you most certainly don’t have to give up your beautiful natural shade! How? Well, take a look at these interesting tips for shiny hair and make them a part of your hair care routine.

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Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Product build-up, lime scale and dirt deposits your regular shampoo wasn’t able to clean could eventually lead to dull, lackluster hair. Luckily, there are ways to turn this around and have super shiny hair you always wanted. Simply invest in a good clarifying shampoo and use it every two to three weeks to relieve your hair of these deposits and reveal its natural shine.


Condition Well

Dry, brittle hair lacks shine, moisture and strength which, whether you want to admit it or not, makes it a poor sight! The solution? Find a conditioner your hair likes and learn how to apply it properly. Even oily, completely natural, untreated hair needs it so, if that sounds like your hair type, you might want to choose light conditioners and apply them carefully avoiding the scalp and roots. Over-processed or simply naturally coarse hair needs a lot of additional moisture which makes pomades and heavier conditioners a good choice, while normal or colored hair requires a conditioner formulated to fit the needs of these types of hair.


DIY Hair Care

Everyone can have shiny hair and there is no need to spend a lot of cash to get there! After all, women used to have shiny hair even before modern conditioners and hair masks have been invented. Take a look inside your fridge, your pantry or kitchen cupboards and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of super healthy stuff to use on your hair. Milk and honey will restore its natural moisture and softness, olive oil or mayonnaise work wonders for dry ends, citruses as well as tea rinses will make it super shiny and you can also mix some of these ingredients together to create wonderful hair masks. Easy, fun and budget-friendly!


Get Highlights

Wrong choice of hair color might lead to dull, lackluster hair as well which leaves you free to experiment with other techniques designed to attract and reflect light, giving you the appearance of full, shiny, lusciously voluptuous hair. Highlights can also improve the overall appearance of natural hair which makes them a good choice for all of you ladies who want to achieve shiny hair but don’t like the idea of dying their entire hair.


Trim Regularly

Wind, sun and pollutants can and do cause damage to our hair so regular trips to the salon for even a teeny-tiny chop is a must-do. Trim your split ends regularly or choose a layered cut that will allow you to cut damaged parts without having to give up long hair.


Blow Dry like a Pro

Want some more tips on how to achieve shiny hair? Well, as you probably know, the best thing to do in order to prevent heat-induced damage and ensure healthy shiny hair is to let it dry naturally. Now, I know there are times when you have to use a blow-dryer so I’d advise you to use a simple, yet very effective trick – hold the hairdryer slightly above your head and allow the air to blow down instead of up. When directed this way, the hot air actually helps force the cuticles (those little scales that cover each strand) down, sealing each strand, making it shiner and almost impenetrable.


Drink Plenty of Water

Work hard, party even harder but don’t forget to drink plenty of water as you do so. You see, there are plenty of things that can make your body and, unfortunately, your hair dehydrated and fun in the sun, alcohol, coffee, smokes and spending a lot of time in an air-conditioned space are just some of them. The result is something we all know very well-dull skin and, of course, dull hair! The solution? Well, water, of course!


Apple Cider Vinegar

My last but not the least important tip on how to get super shiny hair is a DIY rinse you can try out this very moment – Apple cider vinegar! Simply add water to dilute it, pour over your hair as a final rinse and voila – your hair will be much shinier!

I said it once and I’ll say it again- everyone can anyone can have shiny hair! So give these tips a shot and tell me which ones have been the most helpful and helped you get sexy, shiny hair of your dreams.

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I use Suave clarifying shampoo, and it works great, for me at least. My hair is oily and the shampoo brings it back to normal, my sister has dry hair though, and when she uses it it gets too brittle. Also, when I get dandruff the clarifying shampoo cleans it out, it actually works better than Head and Shoulders. Love this blog by the way!

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