7 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Shiny Instantly ...


7 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Shiny Instantly ...
7 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Shiny Instantly ...

Wondering if there are any ways to make your hair shiny in a flash? You’re in luck, because I’ve got seven easy ways you can instantly add some luster and shine to your tresses. These options don’t require a lot of time or money and can easily be done so you can walk out of your house looking and feeling like million bucks. Don’t settle for dull, lifeless hair any longer. Read up on these easy ways to make your hair shiny and worthy of envy!

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Cold Water

One of the easiest ways to make your hair shiny is to do a cold water rinse after you wash your hair. This doesn’t mean you have to take a cold shower. Just give your hair a good final rinse in cool or cold water before you get out of the shower. This helps smooth your hair’s cuticle making it reflect light rather than absorbing it so you have shiny hair. You can also give your hair a blast of cold air with the cool shot on your blow dryer to tame frizz and give hair some shine.


White Vinegar

Adding another step in the shower after you shampoo and condition your hair can help you achieve super shiny locks. Get some white vinegar from your kitchen cabinet and add one part vinegar to three parts water. You can experiment and do this rinse before or after you shampoo, it’s up to you. Vinegar helps restore the pH in your hair, helps clarify your scalp and helps smooth the hair’s cuticles to reflect light. You can also use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar if you like.


Glossing Treatment

Another one of the ways to make hair shiny is to use an at-home glossing treatment. In just three minutes, you can have gorgeous, glossy hair! Look for a glossing treatment like John Freida’s Luminous Color Glaze in Clear Shine from your local drugstore. You can also find some higher end treatments from Frederick Fekkai or Redken. A glossing treatment will add brilliant shine for up to a week and leave your hair mega smooth.


Hair Serum

Dull hair doesn’t stand a chance against hair serums! Hair serums are a way to add a ton of shine to your hair in mere minutes. Look for products like Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment which makes hair feel light and soft and shine like it’s nobody’s business. Another great option that’s equally affordable is Dove’s Frizz Free Shine Cream Serum.


Shine Spray

Shine spray is a good alternative to shine serum if you’re like me and are afraid of applying to much product to your hair. Using a shine spray can give your hair tons of shine, and depending on the type of spray you get, it can also help tame frizz and even help camouflage split ends.


Leave-in Conditioner

If your stressed out hair is dry in addition to being dull, a leave-in conditioner can be a miracle worker. Leave-in conditioners can tame frizz, moisturize and help give your hair a beautiful shine. You can look for leave-in conditioners that you use after you wash your hair or ones that work overnight while you sleep. It’s too easy not to do it!


Switch to Silicone

If you use a flatiron, make the switch to one that has silicone rather than the traditional metal or ceramic plates. Silicone plates can straighten hair much faster than other types so your hair is exposed to less heat. For blow dryers, look for ionic types which produce negatively charged ions that help hair to be more manageable, shiny and dries hair faster for less damage.

We’ve got quite a few options in adding shine to our hair, now we just have to figure out which one we’re going to try first. In addition to these tips, don’t forget the important of eating foods that are high in vitamins that nourish your hair. How do you add shine to your hair?

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Last rinse with beer...makes your hair look wow!!

or you can use aloevera, it makes my hair so soft

7 is wrong. You should use ceramic plates instead if silicone plates. Ceramic plates prevent heat damage and add a glossier finish to your hair. It doesn't make sense when it says "silicone plates can straighten hair much faster than other types so your hair is exposed to less heat." The more the heat, the better it straightens.


Rinse with beer its awsome

I use the cold water, and can tell a difference, it does appear shinier!!

I agree Moroccan oil is really good

Moroccan oil

Moroccan oil does a magic I used it everyday and i used coconut oil and wrap it up with warm towel for an hour -i do this at least once a week my hair is silky shine.

Mean *

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