7 Helpful Tips for Taking Care of Long Curly Hair ...

Ladies if you have curly hair then you know how thirsty our hair is and the attention it requires, especially when we are taking care of long curly hair. Those strands can get caught on everything and eat up product like nobody’s business. Taking care of long curly hair requires patience and a little extra time to execute each step. Oh, yeah, and a little more of each product, too. If you are new to the transitioning game: welcome to the journey. If you are maintaining your kinky, coily, wavy, or curly goodness we applaud you, too! No matter where you are in your journey we can all use some reminders for taking care of long curly hair. I have created a list of seven suggestions to help you along.

1. Pre-poo Whenever Possible

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Moisture retention is a major concern when you are taking care of long curly hair. If your hair is like mine then it is insatiable. Consider adding a pre-poo step to your routine. Pre-poo is the process in which you condition your hair before cleansing it. Adding this step will help your hair retain as much moisture as possible while cleansing. I like to apply a light layer of coconut oil to my 3C curls (if you’re into the numbers/letters combos), concentrating on the ends. Pre-poo also helps ease the detangling process and adds shine.

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