7 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Soft and Silky This Winter ...


This winter, it's important to remember some simple tips for keeping your hair soft and silky, so it can stay in tip top shape and look great all year round. Winter is a prime time of year for our hair to take a hit from weather conditions, temperature fluctuations or vitamin deficiencies. Keep your hair healthy the easy way, which is in my opinion, the best way. You don’t need to resort to covering your head all day or buying fancy products. Just remember these tips for keeping your hair soft and silky when the temperatures drop, and you can save money, time and your strands too!

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Obviously, one of the first tips for keeping your hair soft this winter is conditioning it, yet I’m always surprised that many people still don’t do this daily task. Even if you don’t wash your hair everyday, you should still condition it. For days you’re short on time, I like to use leave-in conditioner that won’t weigh my hair down, but will still get the job done. Aveeno, Dove and Aussie all make great leave-in conditioners in my experience.


Dry Scalp Shampoo

Here’s my favorite secret tip for keeping my hair soft all year round- I use Head and Shoulders Soft and Silky formula. It is made for people with dry scalp, which I don’t have, but it works wonderfully! It adds softness and shine, which is important all year round, but especially hard to achieve in winter. It also prevents flaking that can happen in winter, even if you don’t normally have dry scalp.


Vitamin E

Along with certain products you use in the shower, you should also be aware of some inexpensive products outside your shower routine. Let’s start with Vitamin E. It is the nutrient that adds moisture to your skin and hair. It also benefits your heart, as a bonus. You can buy a Vitamin E capsule at any health and beauty store. Take one or two a day to achieve soft hair from the inside out.


Let It Air Dry

I know this might seem like a chilly option for winter time, but avoiding your hair dryer whenever you can is one of the best ways to keep your hair soft and shiny, especially in winter. Try letting it air dry, and pin it on top of your head if you can’t stand to leave it drying down. I notice my hair is so much softer when I do this, winter time or not.


Wrap It up

Temperature changes at night, and it can be cooler or warmer, depending on if you have central heating or not. Dry air and cold air can both dry your hair out, so to keep moisture locked in at night time, wrap it up in a silk towel, preferably after you’ve conditioned it. You can use a silk scarf as well. This locks in moisture and in the morning, your hair will be soft and shiny.


Careful with the Products

Be choosy about which products you put on your hair in the winter. I’d advise against sticky, drying hair sprays if you can, and gels are another no-no. Stick with products that add moisture to your hair, and don’t contain chemicals that dry it out.


Skip the Color

If you can, skip your usual coloring session right before Christmas, and consider getting it in early October before the air dries out too much. Coloring your hair dries it out and can strip hair of natural oils. Unless you’re getting a moisturizing treatment with your color treatment, you’re only drying your hair out more at the salon. Try to make it through February if you can, and consider getting dry shampoo, which has been said to cover roots that need to be touched up, and can also keep you from washing your hair too much, which dries it out too.

Whatever you can do to save your hair this winter, I hope you’ll certainly try. Dry hair leads to breaking hair, and that’s bad news! To avoid that unnecessary occurrence, just follow these steps for keeping your hair soft and silky all year round, but especially during winter. Do you have a tip for keeping your hair soft and shiny in the winter?

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Use a tea tree shampoo for dry, flakey scalp. You will feel a minty tingly sensation, and feel results immediately. No more itchy dry scalp

One or twice I week I will put honey & coconut oil in my hair either overnight or for a couple of hours. I also leave honey on my face for an hour. Makes my hair SO shiny/smooth & my skin is clear & soft.

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