7 Reasons Not to Let a Bad Haircut Freak You out ...


7 Reasons Not to Let a Bad Haircut Freak You out ...
7 Reasons Not to Let a Bad Haircut Freak You out ...

Most of us have had a bad haircut at some point in our lives. We've experienced the horror of looking in the mirror and hating what we see. Sometimes we even pretend to the hairdresser that we love the cut, and only cry once we get home! But don't despair if it happens to you. Here are some reasons why a bad haircut isn't always the disaster it may seem …

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Is It That Bad?

Before you descend into despair at your bad haircut, step back and take a closer look. Is it really as bad as it seems? It might just be the shock at making a change of style, if you've gone for a drastic difference. Once you've grown used to the new style, it might not seem anywhere near as awful as you first thought. Give it time, and you may grow to love it.


Room for Improvement

If you're not happy with the cut then don't pretend to the stylist that you love it. They're not a mind-reader and have to work with what you've asked them to do. If at any point you're not happy with the way the cut is going, say so. The stylist can then alter the cut; it may only require small changes to give you a cut that you're happy with.


Hair Soon Grows

If you do end up with a disastrous cut, don't panic. Hair grows pretty quickly, so the cut will soon grow out. Of course, if you've decided to go from long to short, it won't return to its previous length overnight. But if it's simply that you don't like your hair as short as it now is, you won't have that long to wait before it's reasonably longer.


It’s important to remember that a bad haircut can be fixed with time. Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, so even if you’ve had a drastic cut, you won’t have to wait too long for it to grow out. You can also try using styling products to help hide the damage in the meantime. If you’re unhappy with the length, try using a curling iron or a straightener to add texture and volume to your hair.

It’s also important to remember that a bad haircut doesn’t have to ruin your day. Even if you don’t like the way your hair looks right now, it’s important to stay positive and keep your chin up. A bad haircut doesn’t define you, and it’s important to remember that you are still beautiful.

Another way to cope with a bad haircut is to take a break from styling your hair. If you’ve had a bad experience at the salon, don’t be afraid to take some time off from styling your hair. Give your hair a chance to grow out and relax for a while.


It's Only Hair

Our self-image is often closely connected with our hair - if we have a great cut, we feel confident and happy. So when a cut goes wrong we can feel very down about it. Relax if that happens to you. It's only hair, and you won't be stuck with this bad cut forever! A bad cut is never permanent. A few weeks or months and your horrible haircut experience will be behind you.


Cover up

There's always the option of covering up a bad cut. This doesn't mean that you have to wear a wig until your real hair grows (although that's one possibility). Scarves can look really cute, and cover up a lot. It's also a good excuse to wear a hat, which keeps you warm in the cold weather and is also very stylish. Or you can pick up some clip-in extensions for a temporary fix.


Style It Differently

Sometimes what appears to be a bad cut can be rescued by simply styling your hair differently. Try changing the parting of your hair; swapping from a center to a side parting may make all the difference. Or maybe using a product to give your hair some volume will make it more flattering.


What Doesn't Work

Even if you can't rescue a bad cut and are stuck with it until it grows out, the experience can be of some use. Some cuts only work with certain types of hair, and the cut may look wrong on you because of this. At least you know now if the cut doesn't work for you, and can avoid similar styles in the future.

When you end up with a bad cut, it can make you want to weep. At best you feel disappointed that you didn't get a great cut that you love. But it may not be as bad as it seems - try these tips, and your bad hair days will soon be behind you. What's your worst salon experience?

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I keep telling myself hair grows! Darn! I never even ask for a trim and the hairdresser go ahead with it! Yell!

Wow! I was seriously waiting for this.. Because, I had a disaster cut last time.. And I'm still worrying about it.. This article has just made me so happie about my hair, as it has been the only part of me, that i liked a lot..

I went to 5 hairdressers in 3 weeks and it's a disaster. I hate my hair . I don't know what to do...

Good tips. Its always hard to stop a hairdresser from cutting a little more off than you wanted. By the time you see whats happened at the back its almost always too late!

And yeah, that pic was taken just after the cut.. Just to make myself feel good about it.. :P

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