9 Tricks to Using Hot Rollers That Give You Gorgeous Waves ...

By Heather

9 Tricks to Using Hot Rollers That Give You Gorgeous Waves ...

I’ve never been too fond of curling irons and have always been much more of a hot roller kind of girl, thanks to the tricks to using hot rollers my mom taught me growing up. I used to watch her as a little girl, looking up at her from our bathroom tile floors, admiring the way she’d roll her soft brown hair up onto her head with her hot rollers. It looked so neatly fashioned that she looked like something out of a magazine. Around 12 years old, she taught me her tricks to using hot rollers, and ever since, they’ve been the only things that have touched my hair, outside of a straightening iron I waited until 25 years old to use. I always preferred the soft, luxurious look of curls made with hot rollers over tight ringlets made with a curling iron. If you’ve never tried them, or never had any luck, try some of my favorite tricks for using hot rollers. In fact, even the Victoria’s Secret fashion models use hot rollers to achieve the fluffy, luxurious hairstyles they don on the runway. Voluminous waves are just a roll or two away!

1 Start at the Top

First things first when learning tricks to using hot rollers. Many people try to curl their hair in rollers around their head, starting with the bottom strands. Big no-no there ladies! Start at the very top point of your forehead in the middle and grab a good handful of hair. You’ll be starting to roll from the top and sides down, not with the bottom part of your hair. Grab the top part of your hair first and roll down, not up.

  1. To ensure that the curls last, use a hairspray on your hair before you start curling with the hot rollers. This will help keep the curls in place for longer.

  2. When using the hot rollers, make sure to roll the hair in the same direction. Rolling the hair in different directions will give you a messy and uneven look.

  3. For best results, leave the hot rollers in your hair for at least 10 minutes. This will ensure that the curls set properly.

  4. When removing the hot rollers, gently unroll them and avoid tugging on your hair. This will help prevent breakage and ensure that your curls last all day.

  5. To give your curls an extra boost, use a curling iron to touch up any flat spots or frizz.

  6. To keep your curls looking fresh and bouncy, use a light hairspray to hold your curls in place.

  7. If you want to add extra volume to your curls, use a volumizing mousse before you start rolling your hair.

2 Work Your Way down the Back

After you’ve rollled the top few pieces of your hair on the very top of your head, start to roll down the back, in a straight line, as if you were making a part down the middle of your head with the curlers. The sides of your hair should be the only thing left when you get done with this part.

When using hot rollers to create gorgeous waves, it's important to work your way down the back of your head. Begin by rolling the top few pieces of hair at the very top of your head, and then roll down the back in a straight line as if you were making a part down the middle of your head with the curlers. You should end up with the sides of your hair being the only sections left.

When rolling your hair, the size of the roller you use will determine the size of the wave. Smaller rollers create tighter, more defined waves, while larger rollers produce loose, beachy waves. If you want to mix it up, use different sizes of rollers to create a variety of waves.

It's important to make sure your hair is completely dry before you begin rolling. If you use hot rollers on damp hair, you run the risk of it not drying all the way, or even worse, damaging your hair. If you have thick hair, you may want to use a product like mousse or a heat protectant to help hold the curls in place.

3 Roll from the Ends and Twist around

Before we go any further, let’s first address how you actually want to roll your hair into strands. Never roll from the bottom portion of your hair up in a loose, fashion, or a tight one. Instead, what you’ll want to do is place the roller on the underpart of the hair you're curling and roll it just enough to wear your hair ends can’t be seen. Then, twist the rest of your hair around the curler, pinning it up this way. When you take your hair down, instead of tight ringlets, you’ll have even, soft, wavy curls.

In addition to following the instructions in the article, it is important to remember to use the right size rollers for your hair type. For example, if you have short hair, use smaller rollers to achieve a tighter curl, while larger rollers will give you a looser wave. Additionally, using a good quality heat-protectant spray before and after rolling your hair can help protect it from heat damage and ensure your curls last longer. Finally, rollers should be heated to the right temperature for your hair type, as too hot a setting can cause damage to your hair.

4 Twist up the Sides

Now that you’re through rolling up the center of your head, start with the sides. Roll them up the same way, except instead of rolling from the underneath side down, grab a good portion of your hair that you’ll be curling, and place your roller in the middle of the hair shaft. Roll the rest of the bottom portion of the strand around the curler, and then continue to roll it up away from your face. You want to pin your hair back, as if away from your face. Doing it in this twisted fashion gives your hair those same soft, wavy curls we’re going for, not tight ringlets.

Hot rollers are a great way to get beautiful, soft waves in your hair. To use them, start by sectioning off your hair, then taking a roller and rolling it up from the underneath side towards the top. Secure the roller with a clip or pin. Continue to roll up the center of your head until the entire area is covered. Once you’re done with the center, you can move on to the sides. Twist up the sides by taking a good portion of your hair and placing the roller in the middle of the shaft. Roll the rest of the strand around the curler and pin it back, away from your face. Doing it in this twisted fashion gives your hair those same soft, wavy curls.

When using hot rollers, it’s important to remember to use the right size roller for your hair. If your hair is on the thicker side, use larger rollers. Smaller rollers are better for finer hair. You should also use the right temperature for your hair type. For thicker hair, use a higher temperature, while finer hair should use a lower temperature.

5 Repeat on Both Sides

Repeat on the rest of your hair, until everything is pinned up. Your hair should look neatly curled away from your face and all the curlers should be going in multiple directions, yet still look neat on top of your head, with no loose strands coming out.

Hot rollers are an easy and effective way to get gorgeous waves in your hair. To use them properly, make sure to follow these nine simple tricks.

First, start with clean, dry hair. This will ensure that the rollers stay in place and your hair will hold the waves for longer.

Second, divide your hair into sections and clip each one up. Start with the bottom sections and work your way up, rolling the hair away from your face.

Third, choose the right size roller for your hair type. Smaller rollers will give you tighter curls, while larger rollers will create more subtle waves.

Fourth, make sure to use the right kind of rollers. Velcro rollers are great for creating tight curls, while foam rollers are better for creating loose waves.

Fifth, use a heat-protectant spray before rolling your hair. This will help to protect your hair from the heat and will also make the curls last longer.

Sixth, roll the hair away from your face and secure the roller with a clip. Make sure to roll the hair tight around the roller and secure it firmly.

6 Use Clips, Not Pins

One of the most important tricks to using hot rollers is never to use those metal pins that come with the rollers, or those plastic small clamps. Instead, use large hair clips, which will hold your hair and won’t leave creases in your hair.

It is important to make sure that the hair clips you use are designed specifically for holding hair. This will help ensure that the clips don't damage your hair or leave creases. Additionally, you should make sure that the clips are strong enough to hold the roller in place without slipping out. It is also a good idea to use clips that have a non-slip grip, so that the roller will stay in place until you are ready to remove it.

7 Finger Comb

When you take your hair down, never take a hairbrush to your curls! This is what makes them deflate faster, and leaves them looking fluffy and undone. Instead, finger comb your hair, starting with the crown, and just gently work your hair to blend it together. Leave the curls at the ends alone and fix as desired.

Hot rollers are a great way to get gorgeous waves without having to use a curling iron or flat iron. But to get the best results, there are some tricks to using hot rollers that you should know. One of the most important is to finger comb your hair before you start. This helps to keep your curls looking bouncy and voluminous.

Start by sectioning your hair into four sections: the crown, the left side, the right side, and the back. Begin at the crown and use your fingers to gently comb through each section. Don’t use a brush, as this can cause your curls to deflate faster. Make sure to comb through the ends as well, but try to leave them alone to maintain the curl.

Once you’ve finger combed your hair, you’re ready to start rolling. Start at the crown and roll each section away from your face. Secure each roller with a clip or pin. Make sure you roll your hair tight, but not too tight, as this can cause breakage.

8 Spray if Needed

I personally don’t use spray because my hair is very coarse and holds well, but if you need to use a hairspray, don’t use one with alcohol which can make your hair sticky and look “fixed.” Get a natural hairspray instead, or do what I do and just put blow-out cream in your wet hair before drying. Your curls will still hold well thanks to the extra conditioning power.

If you’re using hot rollers, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right products to get the best results. After you’ve put your hot rollers in your hair, don’t forget to spray. A natural hairspray is best to use, as it won’t leave your hair stiff and sticky like other sprays with alcohol can. If you want to add extra hold, try using a blow-out cream on your wet hair before drying. This will give you more conditioning power and help your curls stay in place.

When you’re taking out the hot rollers, be sure to do it slowly and gently. If you rush, you could cause your curls to fall out. Take your time and use a wide-toothed comb to help separate the curls. If you’re having trouble getting them out, try using a bit of hairspray on the rollers. This will help them slide out more easily.

9 Use Different Sizes

When using your hot rollers, don’t ever use all the same size. I alternate between the teeny tiny ones and the medium ones for the longest lasting effect, and use no rhyme or reason as to which ones I use where. I leave the larger rollers alone, since they don’t tend to hold as well.

Hot rolling your hair doesn’t mean you have to look like an old school chick, and in my opinion, it’s much easier to do than using a curling iron, because you can just pin it up and leave it on while you’re doing your makeup. If you’d like some other tips on hot rolling your hair, check out the sources below. Do you hot roll your hair?

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