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7 Helpful Pointers on Getting Rid of Static Hair ...

By Lisa

Getting rid of static hair doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer. We’ve all probably been faced with the dilemma of trying to calm or cover up hair static. It’s a frustrating problem, but all hope is not lost. Just because we’re wearing a hat, the air is colder and the humidity is lower doesn’t mean we have to live with unruly hair. I’ve scoured the net for some of the best tips on getting rid of static hair so won’t have to worry about bothersome static in your tresses!

1 Hydrate Hair

Hydrate HairDid you know that one of the key tips in getting rid of static hair is to keep your hair hydrated? Surprised? Don’t be; having damaged, porous hair means it’s drier, which means a higher probability of your hair building up static charge. Always use a moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo, deep condition your hair or make sure you use a quality leave-in conditioner before you head out so your strands stay hydrated.

2 Skip Shampoo

Skip ShampooSince we know that dry hair can cause a static charge, over-washing your hair can make things worse. Try shampooing your hair every other day and use a moisturizing formula to help keep your hair moisturized during the colder, drier months. You can also use dry shampoo to soak up any excess oil on your scalp on the days you don’t wash your hair.

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3 Choose Hair Tools Wisely

Choose Hair Tools WiselyHair static can be exacerbated by heat tools that suck out the moisture in your hair, so it’s beneficial to invest in a tourmaline or ionic hair dryer that actually fights static. Make sure you use a heat protectant before you use any heat tools and add some anti-frizz serum in the mix if you need some extra help in that department.

4 Get Rid of Rubber

Get Rid of RubberStatic hair isn’t just all about hair care methods; believe it or not, your shoes also play a role! Rubber soled shoes are said to accumulate electrical charges according to Oprah’s beauty director, Valerie Monroe. She recommends trying on leather soled shoes or other materials in order to keep the electrical charges moving through and out your body.

5 Groom Wisely

Groom WiselyAnother key to reducing hair static is to go easy on combing and brushing your hair. Reducing the friction that causes static in the first place will greatly help keep your hair smooth and sleek. Instead, try your hand at finger styling or use a wooden comb or boar bristle brush. Think of it this way, the more things you rub on your hair, the higher the likelihood of static hair.

6 Avoid Alcohol

Avoid AlcoholUsing hairspray or other alcohol-based hair care products might seem like a good idea to tame flyaways, but in the long run, they can actually be drying to the hair, making static hair worse. Look for hair styling products without alcohol (which can be hard to find) or use it sparingly so your hair isn’t covered in it.

7 Use a Humidifier

Use a HumidifierThe last tip I have for you in order to get rid of hair static is to use a humidifier. Humidifiers are a must-have in the winter to combat the effects of dry air and break up static charges. Using a humidifier in your bedroom will add moisture to the air, which can help prevent your hair as well as skin from being as dry and reduce static. If you don’t own a humidifier, make your own! Just boil some water on the stove or place bowls of water around your house.

I hope these tips help you reduce or get rid of static hair this season. I know firsthand how annoying it can be, but with just a few adjustments to your hair care routine, you can get chic, sleek hair. Do you have suggestions on improving static hair? I’d love to hear them!


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