7 Ways to Prevent Your Hair from Getting Tangled ...

Having long hair myself, I am always curious about the ways to prevent hair tangles that are not only effective but reduce damage to my hair. If you're like me and get super frustrated when your locks get knotted up and uncomfortable, then keep reading. Here are some useful ways to prevent hair tangles that you should start following today!

1. Heat Style Less

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Heat styling causes damage to your hair, leaving it coarse and brittle. You may also notice that when you curl your hair with a curling or flat iron, it tangles much more easily. Two factors are at play with curled hair, one being the fact that it's not laying straight, so naturally it will tangle easier. The second and more important factor is that curling damages and dries out your hair, leaving it susceptible to knotting up. One of the ways to prevent hair tangles is to heat style it less and to make sure you use a good protective spray when you do use heat so that you have soft, bouncy curls instead of coarse, tangly ones!

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