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Having long hair myself, I am always curious about the ways to prevent hair tangles that are not only effective but reduce damage to my hair. If you're like me and get super frustrated when your locks get knotted up and uncomfortable, then keep reading. Here are some useful ways to prevent hair tangles that you should start following today!

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Heat Style Less

Heat Style Less Heat styling causes damage to your hair, leaving it coarse and brittle. You may also notice that when you curl your hair with a curling or flat iron, it tangles much more easily. Two factors are at play with curled hair, one being the fact that it's not laying straight, so naturally it will tangle easier. The second and more important factor is that curling damages and dries out your hair, leaving it susceptible to knotting up. One of the ways to prevent hair tangles is to heat style it less and to make sure you use a good protective spray when you do use heat so that you have soft, bouncy curls instead of coarse, tangly ones!


Don't Use Hairspray

Don't Use Hairspray Hairspray only weighs down your hair with more unnecessary product. The more product you use, the stickier it becomes. To avoid knots, you want your fingers to easily run through your hair without getting stuck. Hairspray holds hair together so it definitely will contribute to hair tangles. It also isn't generally needed for day to day use, so save it for fancy up-dos when you really do want your hair to stay in place!


Instead, opt for leave-in conditioners or detangling sprays that are specifically formulated to add slip and manageability to your locks without that heavy feeling. These alternatives not only help in the detangling process but also nourish and hydrate your hair. Regular use can lead to healthier strands that are less prone to tangling. Remember, the goal is to maintain smooth, flyaway-free hair that's as cooperative as it is beautiful – all without the crutch of hairspray.


Do a Conditioning Treatment at Least Once a Week

Do a Conditioning Treatment at Least Once a Week The main cause for tangled hair is simply dried out and damaged locks. It's important to do a weekly deep conditioning treatment to replenish the moisture that heat, humidity, product use and environmental hazards take away from our hair. I was on the verge of cutting my hair because I was fed up with the tangles and lack of moisture- then I used a deep conditioner and my hair is much more manageable!


Avoid Harsh Dyes and Bleaches

Avoid Harsh Dyes and Bleaches I hardly know anyone who doesn't dye or bleach their hair in some manner. Unfortunately, the harsh chemicals found in bleaches and dyes strip your hair of literally everything (especially bleach). I am still suffering the repercussions of a botched professional ombre done over 2 years ago! Damage is permanent unless you're willing to chop it off, so just avoid using these harsh chemicals as much as possible!


Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims Let's face it, some damage is unavoidable. That's why it's important to get regular trims every couple months to get rid of split ends and give more life to your hair. Hair that doesn't have split ends will tangle less, also!

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Use Protective Serums That Leave Hair Silky

Use Protective Serums That Leave Hair Silky Whenever you use heat styling tools, it's essential that you protect your hair from more damage. Those tools can get up to 450 degrees, which is so bad for our hair if there isn't a barrier between the hot tool and hair strands! There are plenty of serums and sprays in all price ranges that can be applied to damp and dry hair that not only protect but also condition your hair.


Don't Wear Beanies All Day Long

Don't Wear Beanies All Day Long It may sound kinda funny but it's true; beanies cause long hair to become tangled pretty severely. I love to throw on a beanie when it's cold out or when I need to wash my hair, however it tends to leave a giant rat's nest at the base of my neck that's pretty difficult to untangle. So, if you must wear a beanie, just wear it while outside; otherwise, consider rocking a side braid to prevent those pesky tangles!

I know constantly brushing out tangles can be tedious and even painful at times. It can also cause more damage if you're not careful! If you suffer from hair tangles, what are the ways you've found to be most effective in preventing them?

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My hair has been over processed, but I do the same thing cherry does except for blow drying, I air dry and comb it out after :)

Thank The Lord for this app lml

i have brown hair And ive been thinking of dying my hair dark red but i dont know if ut would suit me! :(

I have extremely long hair and have dyed it on numerous occasions. My treatment for keeping it sleek and tangle free is to use a large amount of conditioner after shampooing the hair and combing through for ateast 3 minutes to make sure the conditioner is absorbed; then rinse. Then I comb my hair, add heat protect serum and blow dry. I never have hair tangle issues

Great information!:) Every morning I wake up with the crazy hair ever!! And it's so hard for me to do stuff with it. Thanks

OMG! I hate hairspray

What is a beanie ?

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