7 Tips for Making Your Thick Hair Hold Its Curls ...

Having thick hair is kind of awesome and also kind of not awesome; if you've ever asked everyone and their stylist for the best tips for making thick hair hold its curls, you understand why. My hair is thick and pin straight, and as so often happens, I am covetous of curls. The problem is that they never last long – we're talking maybe four hours tops, and those curls start falling. The result isn't pretty. Have you ever been in that predicament? Short of getting a perm, what can you do? Since I myself am not eager to revisit the perm-solution-soaked mistakes of my teens, I've instead come up with some foolproof tips for making thick hair hold its curls, which I selflessly offer up to my thick-tressed sisters in a show of stylistic solidarity.

1. Keep It Clean (or Dirty)

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Unfortunately, my first bit of advice probably isn't helpful at all, because it really all depends on you and your hair. Some experts maintain that to make your hair keep its curl, your hair needs to be completely clean. Others insist that if you go a day without washing your hair, it will hold better. I fall into that category, but I also know some women with thick hair that holds beautifully if their hair is freshly washed. One thing's for certain, your hair should be totally dry. As with many tips for making thick hair hold its curls, however, this one is all up to you.

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