7 Super Simple Ways to Look after Curly Hair ...

By Eliza

7 Super Simple Ways to Look after Curly Hair ...

I have a love/hate relationship with my curls, but fortunately, there are lots of things to do for curly hair that keep me from just giving up and shaving it all off. Let’s face it, curly hair can look really good, but it can also be really hard to work with. With so much advice and so many products out there for curly hair, I’ve narrowed them down to some tips I think you’ll find handy. Check out these ways to look after curly hair and don’t forget to tell me what you think.

1 Let It Grow

If you’re like me, a short curly style looks like you have a triangle growing on your head. To not have to suffer through this totally early '90s look, I have let my hair grow out and kept it long for many years. With the extra weight, the curls don’t poof out all over the place, and I can also style it in many ways. I promise that this is one of the easiest things to do for curly hair – I spend way less time styling when it’s long than I ever did when it was short.

2 Take It Easy

Curly girls everywhere spend hours every week with the straightening iron making those curls flat. I used to do the same, but over time, my hair looked dry and damaged from all the product and heat I used on it all the time. Embrace your curls, ladies! Put the heat styling tools and all those products with the harsh ingredients away and let your curls flow.

3 Find a Good Hairstylist

Cutting curly hair takes technique, so do your homework and find a stylist that has experience making curls look fabulous. I suggest long layers that give your hair lots of volume without letting it stick out all over the place. Twist cutting is ideal for curly hair, so don’t be afraid to ask your hair girl to use it when she gives you a cut.

4 Condition Every Day

No, you don’t have to shampoo your curls each and every day. It’s actually better to take a day off from the suds. I wash my curls every other day to keep them lush, but clean. However, it’s really important to condition your curls every day. Look for a conditioner designed for curly hair and gently massage it through your strands every day. It’ll keep your curls soft and manageable.

5 Drop the Brush

I fought this tooth and nail for a long time. Now, however, I don’t even own a hairbrush. I comb my hair with a large tooth comb when it’s wet and use my fingers when it’s dry. I know you’ve probably heard that brushing your hair is good for it, but when you brush curls, they just get all frizzy and I can’t stand how that looks. I don’t get tangles all that often as long as I make sure to comb at least once per day.

6 Air Dry

Before you get upset about getting up earlier to let your hair dry in the morning, consider this. I take my shower before bed, which helps me relax and gives my hair a chance to air dry overnight while I sleep. When I get up, I use my fingers and hands to apply product and it always looks great! I promise! Blow drying contributes to breakage and that dreaded frizzy look that I know you hate as much as I do. So give my advice a try and see how it works for you.

7 Style It

Just because you have curls doesn’t mean you can’t have fantastic style. Curls should never stop you from sticking on a cute headband, doing a French twist or sliding your hair into an elegant ponytail. A side braid is also perfect for curly hair. Experiment to find the style that looks best for you.

How do you care for your curls? Please give me some great tips I can use on my curls!

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I shampoo my hair every other day but never thought of conditioning it everyday.I must try this out

I sleep with a satin cap on , it helps my curls from becoming frizzy and the friction from the satin don't dry out your hair as a traditional pillow case would ! It truly works wonders

My hair is straight and curly and wavy :/ i found that leave in conditioners work the best for my mixed hair .

Great advise! I have natural curls to and sometimes after I get out of the shower at night I part my hair down the middle then do pig tail french braids and sleep in them then the next day take them out and it looks good to

I use deva curl! I'm a hairstylist I cut curly hair using the deva curl method of cutting hair! dry curl by curl!

Love this, good advice! not enough out there for curly hair. :)

also using a microfiber towel helps in ways I didn't think was possible , getting out of the shower then detangle your hair and scrunch it with a microfiber towel and I can assure you there will be a difference in your curls :)

Check the Garnier website

My biggest hassle comes from styling. Trying to brush my hair up into any style usually ruins the curls and creates tangles no matter what style I try. Also the air dry while you sleep method is good but I recommend slightly re wetting it in the morning bcus the curls will dry funny when you sleep on them

Thanks for the advice! I have short curly hair and it gets annoying at times haha! Keep it up:)

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