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Some of the worst things to do to your hair just so happen to be things we do on a daily basis. We put our tresses through a lot, whether it’s from styling, washing, or drying. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of damage caused all without creating a big inconvenience. If you are noticing that your hair is looking a little less than spectacular these days, you should check out these worst things to do to your hair and how you can avoid them.

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Blow Drying

One of the absolute worst things to do to your hair is to blow dry it. All this extra heat can cause damage to your tresses. Using a hair dryer can cause breakage, dead ends, as well as frizz and flyaways. Although it may be convenient, it is a disservice to your locks. The best way to avoid this issue is to simply let your hair air dry. If you don’t have time to do this in the mornings, wash your hair the night before and allow it to dry overnight. Save the hair dryer for those times you are truly in a hurry – your hair will thank you for it.


Back Combing

It’s no secret that back combing is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. After all, you are purposefully causing knots and tangles that can lead to breakage. If your hair needs body, there are other ways to go about it than by using a back comb brush. Consider using volumizing shampoos and root boosting sprays and powders to give your hair added volume without all the knots and tangles.



Bleaching is not only bad for your hair, it can be bad for your overall health as well. Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Do you really want this harmful chemical in your skin? Unfortunately, the only other way to get platinum blonde locks besides bleaching is to be naturally blessed with it. However, you could consider golden blondes and light browns as a healthier (and just as pretty) alternative to platinum.



Styling your hair is another activity that can stress your locks. Any time you use a flat iron or curling iron, you are using unnecessary heat on your tresses. There are several ways to avoid these hair no-nos, but my favorite is to just embrace your natural hair! Let your natural curls, waves, or straight strands shine. If this isn’t an option for you, however, be sure you are using a heat protectant product to prevent any more damage to your hair.


Washing It Daily

Washing your hair daily is also bad for your tresses. Your hair produces natural oils that strengthen and shine your hair. When we wash these away every day, we are depriving our hair of these natural oils that do so much good. Often times, the grease we see on our scalp is actually a result of the build up of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Unfortunately, this build up will occur unless you skip these steps altogether (but that’s a different post)! However, there are other ways to skip the daily washes without looking totally greasy. A little dry shampoo or baby powder on your scalp will hide the excess oils so you can keep rocking your hair for another day. The less you can use products, the better your hair will feel!


Brushing It While Wet

Brushing your hair while it is still wet is also bad for your tresses. Your hair is more prone to pulling and breaking while wet. Instead of causing this stress on your locks, brush your hair before you jump in the shower and then again after it is dry. This will prevent unnecessary breaking, which will in turn make your hair look even better.


Not Getting Regular Trims

Another mistake you can make with your hair is not getting frequent hair trims. Everyone’s hair is prone to split ends. Once a strand splits, it will look frizzy and your hair won’t look any longer, even if it grows. Getting frequent trims is important for everyone, but especially important if you are wanting to grow out your hair. Cutting off dead, broken, and split ends is one of the simplest way to make your hair look revitalized and gorgeous!

If you can avoid doing these worst things to your locks, you will be amazed at how much better and healthier your hair will look. We put our hair through so much, it’s best to cut back on the strain whenever possible. Most of these fixes won’t require much time or effort, but will make a big difference in the appearance of your hair. Do you have any good advice to share about hair maintenance? If so, tell us in the comments section.

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washing daily it's specifically bad for those with ethnic hair

The brushing while wet isn't true at all. I personally have such curly hair that if I don't brush it before it dries, it gets so tangled I can't even wash it or put it in a pony tail. Your hair is more elastic while it's wet so it's actually less harmful than brushing it while dry. Brushing it while it's dry creates more frizz from the friction and more split ends because it has hardly any elasticity

The first one is not true

Very useful article

what is the harmful results of dyeing your roots to cover gray? I do this at least twice a week to my roots because my gray roots show horribly after two to three washings. I wash my hair everyother day sometimes within 4 days. I am not ready for all over gray and I have friends & family who say the same thing about having to dye their roots too frequent within short periods. I know they have the little touch up tip tubes that wash out & I have tried them. but what is the difference if you have to go through all that it's the inconvenience thats frustrating. this is all the women I know who work hard to keep their hair healthy without having to dye so often. my thought on this is not only is it bad for your hair by frequent dyeing but what is the results to your health with these chemicals absobing into the scalp? Appreciate any advice you may have as well as all the other tips you have posted. Thanks jlt

This is awesome I always tell people some of these advice my hair is naturally curly I wash my hair twice a week I don't use products at all just v05 shampoo and conditioner people always ask me why product you use your hair looks awesome I always tell them nothing at all hair looks beautiful without gel moose or any of that crap this post is helpful ladies follow!!!!! I really don't understand why women straighten their hair or curl it if you have curly hair men actually love that and natural straight hair is cute as well!!!! I never knew brushing your hair while wet is bad now when I wash my hair I'm going to brush it before I hit the shower thank you for this post please post more about curly hair!!!!

Getting regular trims? Are you serious? You think that's bad!

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