7 Curling Iron Tricks and Tips for Lush Curls and Waves ...

Ready to rock the best of the curly and wavy hairstyles of the season, but in need of some curling iron tricks and tips to get you started? You're in luck! Even though a curling iron seems limited in what it can do, there are many ways to achieve a variety of looks depending on how you use it. Read on to learn what curling iron tricks and tips I utilize to create this season’s hottest looks.

1. Beach Waves

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When the weather warms up, the most popular curling iron tricks and tips are all about beachy waves. To achieve this look you'll need to use a 1 inch curling iron. Taking 1-2 inch sections of hair, twist the section away from your face and then wrap the twisted section around the iron. This twisting action creates the wave, rather than a ribbon-like curl.

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