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7 Reasons Why Dirty Hair is Better ...

By Jessica

Most of us know that washing our hair every day isn't good for it's overall health, but did you know there are reasons why dirty hair is better? Of course, you shouldn't skip washing your hair altogether because of dirt and oil build up as well as hygiene, however there are benefits to keeping your hair "dirty" throughout the week! Here are some excellent reasons why dirty hair is better- enjoy!

1 Easier to Style

One of the primary reasons why dirty hair is better is that it's so much easier to style! Freshly washed hair is soft and light and so heat doesn't hold and even having it up in a bun is a challenge. I still love the feel of clean hair and the weightlessness it has however, if I'm planning on an event where my hair needs styling, I make sure it's not super clean so that styling is a breeze.

2 Less Maintenance

Often times, you can style your hair at the beginning of the week and with the proper up-do while you sleep at night, you can conserve your hairstyle for a few days! This low maintenance approach works well when you're not constantly washing and styling your hair. Day old hair holds style much better and is much healthier for your locks.


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3 It's Healthier

Shampooing, blow-drying and heat styling is super rough on your hair and is what leads to split ends, frizziness and poor overall health. Well moisturized hair that doesn't see shampoo every day means better health and fewer trips to the salon; something we all desire.

4 Conserves Shampoo

Many women invest in making their hair look it's absolute best - that means regular cuts, color and quality shampoo. None of that comes cheap so one great reason why dirty hair is better, is that you conserve your shampoo and hair products and save money!

5 You save Time

Washing, drying and styling hair takes time, and frankly, most of us don't have lots of time on our hands to spend on doing hair every day. It's so much more convenient to hop in the shower with your hair tied in a bun, which leads to a quick fix-up, rather than spending the time drying and styling it in the morning. If your hair seems oily, there's always the option of dry shampoo!

6 Your Color Lasts Longer

We all love the look of freshly cut and colored hair but totally hate when it starts to fade. If you continuously wash your hair which opens its follicles, you're essentially washing the color right out of your hair. Instead, go as long as possible before initially washing it after it's been colored, then wash it sparingly with cool water and a quality, color-safe shampoo.

7 Your Natural Oils Will Benefit

Washing your hair strips it of its natural oils which can cause drying. That's why you need conditioner which replenishes moisture back into your hair, albeit unnaturally. Taking longer in between shampooing may be hard at first because your hair will produce more oil than it should to compensate however, in a short amount of time, it will regulate and you can go much longer without washing it. I've gone from everyday washing to 1-2 times a week no problem!

It can be hard at first to skip washing your hair if you feel being clean means freshly washed hair. If you have particularly oily hair, try washing it every other day instead and use a dry shampoo in between washes. Do you notice a difference in your hair's health when you wash in it sparingly?

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