Life-Saving Style Hacks for Girls Who Hate Their New Haircut ...


Life-Saving Style Hacks for Girls Who Hate Their New Haircut ...
Life-Saving Style Hacks for Girls Who Hate Their New Haircut ...

What are you supposed to do when you hate your haircut? You can wait, of course, because time is the best friend of broken hearts and bad haircuts, but you still want to feel good about yourself in the interim. You can return to the salon or go to a new one to fix your mistake, but if you feel like your bad cut made your hair too short, you may not want to go that route – in fact, the sight of scissors might make you cry! Bad cuts are a fact of life, no matter how many times you tell yourself to be clear about what you want and never go to a stylist you don't trust. Fortunately there are several style hacks that will help when you hate your haircut, and they don't involve waiting around or going back for seconds.

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Make Use of Hair Accessories

barechestedness, clothing, person, blond, woman, Hair accessories are lifesavers when you hate your haircut. You're sure to find some kind of accessory that will give you a look you love. It might involve pinning bad bangs with bobby pins or hiding layers with a headband. You may even have to rely on hats and scarves for a while, but you can own whatever accessories you choose. Turn them into your signature style, and no one will ever realize that you loathe your new look.


Dye It

clothing, hair, hairstyle, portrait photography, girl, Sometimes coloring your hair will breathe new life into it. Sometimes a new color can transform a bad haircut into a stunning one. For example, if you're regretting your new pixie cut, think about going with a bold color to match your bold cut, such as platinum blond, blue black, or even hot pink. Whatever your cut, changing up your color may make you like it more. Even highlights or lowlights can give you a new outlook.


Fake It with Clip-Ins and Extensions

clothing, hair, hairstyle, blond, woman, If your hair is too short, you hate the shape, or you suddenly have a bunch of layers you don't like, clip-ins and hair extensions can help. By all means go whole hog with professional extensions if you like – whatever makes you happy! However, if you don't have the time, money, or inclination for a professional job, some simple clip-ins can give you a fresh and funky look that will help you get through your haircut woes.


Get Fancy with the Braiding

clothing, hair, hairstyle, model, headgear, There's almost no bad cut that a little braiding won't fix. You can add little braids to your hair even if your hair is short, so get creative. Braids will add texture and interest, and they can help you forget that you have to wait for a thoroughly loathed look to grow out.


Try a New Part

eyebrow, hair, person, model, hairstyle, Sometimes simply trying a new part will breathe life into a cut you think you hate. It will give you a new angle, and it can really transform your face. You'll also get a lot more volume, especially as you're training your hair. You can go from a middle part to a side part, or go from wearing your bangs down to giving them a little side sweep.

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Explore the Wide World of Products

blond, hair, person, woman, hairstyle, A little product goes a long way. Your new layers might not be that bad if you look for some texturizing balm. Your bob might become your new favorite haircut if you use some sea salt spray to make it super tousled. Products aren't always the fix that you need, but they're worth trying when you want to improve a look you don't necessarily love.


Get Familiar with Styling Tools

hair, eyebrow, blond, hairstyle, woman, You can also try styling tools if you're desperately trying to like your new style. Maybe you just need to practice with a straightener, or add some curls and waves. At the very least, you can find a look that you like well enough as you wait for your cut to grow out. If you're not used to using styling tools, however, make sure you get some tips from someone who frequently uses a flat iron or hot rollers!

Having just endured my own hated haircut, I completely sympathize with the struggle. By finding something that works for you and makes you feel confident, you'll have no trouble waiting for your cut to grow out a little, and you won't have to go get it fixed until you're ready. What was your last bad haircut? What did you do to make it work for you?

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What to do

Shilpa, try a new hairstyle, or get a different haircut, or if you want you can also let it grow out.


I hate my hai

My hair stylist totally f*cked me over on my hair it's just awful, thanks for the tips!

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