25 Super-Easy Hairstyles Only Girls with Long Hair Will Appreciate ...

By Jelena

The hairstyles for long hair I’m about to share with you won’t take more than 20 minutes of your precious time but will score you some major style points and help you style your long tresses like a pro! So, are you ready to experiment with a couple of interesting new hairstyles for your lovely locks? Well, then you absolutely must give these 7 hairstyles for long hair a shot.

Table of contents:

  1. simple braid
  2. fishtail braid
  3. french braid
  4. waterfall braid
  5. perky side pony
  6. boho braid
  7. flirty ponytail
  8. poof
  9. big hair
  10. messy bun
  11. sleek knot
  12. half-do
  13. sock bun curls
  14. cinnamon bun
  15. knotted ponytail
  16. side bun
  17. braided ponytail
  18. sleek high ponytail
  19. beach waves- no heat!
  20. princess jasmine braid
  21. braided headband
  22. voluminous curls
  23. hair bow
  24. turban trend
  25. finger wave

1 Simple Braid

Amazing, stylish and oh-so-cute, braids are one of my most favorite styles ever! And if you’re one of those lucky ladies whose hair is gorgeous and unbelievably long, you should definitely experiment with braids, starting off with a simple braid. The best thing about a simple braid is that it is convenient, fun and perfect for summer! This is one of the most perfect hairstyles for long hair no matter what day of the week!

2 Fishtail Braid

I have always loved the look of a fishtail braid and the longer your hair, the more adorable your fishtail braid will turn out! I know that it looks confusing but believe me, all it takes is a little practice Start by dividing your hair into two sections. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outer section of the first part (can either be the left or the right, depending on which you are comfortable with) and pull it over the first part and add it under the second section on the other side. In other words, the strand of hair goes over the first section and finishes under the second section. Then do the same on the other side and keep alternating until you see your fishtail form! Remember, the thinner the strand, the more intricate your braid. You can also make it as neat or as messy as you'd like. Personally, I prefer the latter. Take a look at the tutorial! It's super easy to follow and actually pretty great!

3 French Braid

There's no braid quite as mesmerizing as the humble French braid and that's what makes it one of the best hairstyles for long hair. Word of advice: Never let anyone tell you that you can't french braid your own hair. They're lying! Just watch the above tutorial on how to French braid your own hair and tell me it isn't as easy as one, two, three... If you are bored of a regular French braid, you could try weaving a ribbon into your braid, accessorize it or try fun variations like the reverse French braid or invent your very own style.

4 Waterfall Braid

Here's another gorgeous braid that makes a fabulous hairstyle for long hair! Again, it may be a little confusing at the start but once you've mastered the art, it will take you all of five minutes (if that). Basically it's just a loose French braid that wraps around the back of your head. Take a small part of hair at the top of one side of your head and start braiding the hair three times like a French braid. Once you are done with the left hair section, drop the right strands and let them go down along the side of your head. Take a new hair section in the dropped part’s place and a new section on the left side, and braid the three sections once more. Drop the right segment once you’ve finished the braid. Continue with this process, wrapping the waterfall braid toward the back of your head. When the waterfall braid passes the back of your head, finish with a usual braid and fix the end with an elastic. Spritz some hair spray around the braid. If all that sounded like Greek and Latin, watch that handy tutorial on how to do a waterfall braid. Add a flower clip or really any adorable hair accessory for that added "Aw" factor.

5 Perky Side Pony

Your hair might be too heavy for a high, bouncy pony but, believe me, that’s not a reason to get all depressed! Try the next best thing, a teased side pony! Sweep your hair back into a side ponytail, secure it with a rubber band then tease the top part of its base to get the pony to pouf. Finish it up with some hairspray and voila! Have fun experimenting with ponytails, ladies, because hairstylists agree that they are one of the best hairstyles for extremely long hair.

6 Boho Braid

Want some more great hairstyles for long hair? Well here’s how to show off your gorgeous hair in a creative way! Take a small section of hair from your temple, braid it in a neat braid, flip it to the other side and secure with a bobby pin, letting the hair on your other temple cover the bobby pin. You can wear it like this or repeat the process two more times, braiding three small braids into one larger braid you’ll then place like a hippie headband.

7 Flirty Ponytail

Got a big date tonight but don't quite have the time to try something fancy with your long hair? Never mind. Try our flirty ponytail instead. All you need to do is take a teasing comb and tease your roots around the crown of your head to get some lift before you pull your hair back. Then comb over gently (so you don't lose the lift) with a paddle brush. Last but not least, fluff up the length of your ponytail with a flexible-hold spray. That step of course is optional. Flirt away my darlings...

8 Poof

Whether you call it a pouf, poof, bump or a quiff, there's no denying that the best candidates for this hairstyle are those with beautiful, long hair. So how does one achieve the perfect poof? Start off by separating a section on your crown or the part that you would like to make the poof. Use a clear rubber band to secure it about 1/3 the length through. The size of the poof is dependent on where you secure the rubber band. So if you want a bigger poof then secure it farther away from your forehead, and likewise, if you want a smaller poof secure it closer to your forehead. Now take your hair from where the rubber band is and place it down.Secure it with a bobby pin. The best part...no teasing! You can choose to leave it as is, or braid the rest of your hair or go with a side ponytail.

9 Big Hair

Big hair is sexy, big hair is fun and it’s one of the best hairstyles for long hair! So, whenever you wish to give your sleek, straight look a break and try something wilder, scrunch your hair using a maximum hold styling foam and enjoy a head full of sexy waves! Section your hair into a few larger sections then scrunch them individually, securing each one with a rubber band or a hair clip. Blow dry, let your hair cool off and then let your hair down and style as desired. Some of you may need to use heat or curlers, and that's just fine - the tutorial has you covered!

10 Messy Bun

Sexy, romantic, elegant or casual – a messy bun is a perfect hairstyle for long hair because it allows you to be totally creative. So pin your bangs back in a small pouf and keep pinning the rest of your hair one section at the time until you reach the desired shape. And don’t forget to add a nice hairpiece! There are also literally dozens of ways to create this style, so do what works best for your hair!

11 Sleek Knot

Extremely long hair tends to get dirty very easily and needs hours to dry, which means you should definitely have a glam hairstyle idea ready for those days when your hair isn’t squeaky clean. Why don’t you try a sleek, glammy knot bun? Just part your hair at the center, secure it in a low ponytail then keep coiling that pony until it wraps around its base like a knot! Secure with bobby pins or another rubber band and voila – you’re ready to go and your hair looks like million bucks!

12 Half-do

Half-do hairstyles are my go to hairstyle for days when I'm too lazy but still want to look like I tried. Gather your hair into a half ponytail using your fingers or a comb. Secure it with an elastic band and tug the top so it creates volume and done! It's really that simple. If you do have extra time, curl your lower strands for a pretty summery effect and dress it up with flower clips or cute bows or leave as is.

13 Sock Bun Curls

I know it sounds unbelievable but yes, you can actually use everyday socks to create gorgeous curls! All you need is a bunch of socks (preferably clean!) and slightly damp hair. Take a small section of your hair, wrap it around a sock, wrap it up and tie a knot. Repeat until all your hair is wrapped up in socks. Go to bed and when you wake up and take the socks out, you will have perfect curls! I always love hairstyles that don't use heat and that's why this is such a blessing.

14 Cinnamon Bun

Another delicious hairstyle for long hair is the cinnamon bun. This one is ideal for formal occasions or an evening out when you're opting for an elegant look. It's also better understood when watched so we found the perfect tutorial to show you how to do the perfect cinnamon bun. Nom nom nom!

15 Knotted Ponytail

A knotted ponytail is not only a great way out of a bad hair day, but a cute one too! Apply a light holding mousse to your hair from roots to ends. Then separate the hair over your shoulder into two sections. The section from the back should come forward and down. Then tie the two section into a simple knot. Secure the two ends together using a clear elastic. Once it’s in there, slide it up underneath the knot to conceal it and done! No more bad hair days!

16 Side Bun

I'm sure you'll agree that buns are a life saver hairstyle for long hair! Here's an adorable side bun that literally takes 2 minutes or so, stays put all day long and you can accessorize it in a hundred different ways. All you do is create a low side ponytail, then twist the tail until it wraps up into a bun and pin it in place. Tug at the bun a little bit and let random strands of hair fall loose and voila...the easiest side bun in the world!

17 Braided Ponytail

Get the best of both worlds with this braided ponytail hairstyle for long hair. Divide your hair at the back into two sections. Start making a fishtail braid and once you've gone left to right (or right to left) twice, tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail. Now, isn't that simple and adorable? You could do the same with a regular braid if a fishtail braid isn't your cup of tea.

18 Sleek High Ponytail

I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian but there's no denying that the woman has GORGEOUS hair! So here's a sleek high ponytail perfect for long hair inspired by Kim. This one works best with straight hair so start off by straightening your hair with a flat iron. Then separate the front section, which will be part of the quiff (if you want one; it's optional) and pin it up with a clip so you can work with the rest of your hair first. Brush the rest of your hair upwards and tie into a high ponytail (preferably the highest point you can). Now for the poof, release the front section and divide it into three or four. Take the back section first, spray hairspray and start teasing until you can tease no more. Keep repeating until you have teased all the front hair. Comb over gently, fix it with bobby pins and comb over with a rat tail comb to smooth out your hair. And you're ready to party!

19 Beach Waves- No Heat!

Here's an amazingly easy way to get romantic beachy waves without heat! All you do is spritz your hair with some water to dampen it. Then grab all your hair at the back, divide it into two sections, twist the two sections around each other and when you reach the end, just roll the twisted hair into a bun and secure it with a band. Make sure it's tight even if it's not perfect. Let the bun be for a minimum of two hours. Open the bun, separate your curls gently, scrunch it with some clay if you so desire and you're ready to hit the beach! This look also works with overnight braiding - there are actually lots of techniques that give you beautiful beachy waves without any heat!

20 Princess Jasmine Braid

Ah Disney and its magical princesses! Am I the only one who wonders how they have such perfect hair? I guess that's a topic for another day. For now let's concentrate on Princess Jasmine's braid, also known as the bubble braid, which is a super fun hairstyle for long hair. In fact, the longer your hair, the better your bubble braid is going to turn out. All you need to do is secure your hair into a low ponytail either at the back or the side. Then tie another band about 2-3 inches from the start of your ponytail, then another, so on and so forth, until you have a bubble braid! Tug at each section to make the "bubbles" more pronounced and done!

21 Braided Headband

If you are a fan of boho hairstyles, this braided headband (also affectionately referred to as "milkmaid braids") is THE look for you. All you do is divide your hair into two sections at the nape of your neck as you would if you were making pigtails. Braid pigtails. Start from your nape and braid underneath your ears. Secure each braid with a clear elastic. Pull the braids up over your ears (like a crown) and cross the ends, tucking them underneath each other. Pin the braids in place and set with a strong-hold hairspray. This look is absolutely fantastic for a day at the beach with your favorite maxi dress!

22 Voluminous Curls

Some days you just want to take it one step further than gentle beachy waves and for those days when you want big, glamorous curls, all you need is a paddle brush and some flexi rods. Remember, the bigger the rods, the looser your curls and vice versa. The same rule applies for the amount of hair you wrap around each flexi rod. So, divide your hair down the middle and start with sections of hair from the back. Twist each section around the flexi rod starting from the top, and once you're done, twist the rod and secure. Tie the whole bunch in a silk scarf and leave it overnight. Take off the rods gently and run your fingers through your va va voom curls until you see what you like!

23 Hair Bow

Thank you Lady Gaga for making the adorable hair bow such a rage! This is certainly not an everyday hairstyle for long hair but is perfect for when you want to stand out (in a good way). Check out the fab tutorial on how to do the perfect hair bow. Skip to 4:02 for the long hair one and you can thank me later.

24 Turban Trend

When I'm having a bad hair day, I usually turn to a trusty old scarf to hide my tresses from the world. However, I quickly got bored of the regular scarf look and had to find something with an edge. Enter: the turban trend. There are so many different ways to do this trend and if you are too lazy to actually tie a turban, you can even buy a turban headband! To help you out, here's a tutorial that shows tons of techniques! No better way to add an element of mystique to your outfit.

25 Finger Wave

If you're a vintage loving girl, you're going to love this hairstyle for long hair! If you thought finger waves were meant only for short hair, you could not have been more wrong. Check out this awesome finger wave tutorial for long hair and you'll see what I mean. This is perfect for a 1920s themed party or for an evening when you feel like strutting you inner diva!
Aren’t these hairstyles for long hair just amazing?! I absolutely love them all and I’m so glad my hair is now long enough to experiment with hairstyles for long hair! How about you? Do you have some of your favorite hairstyles for long hair to add to this list?

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