7 Variations on the Classic Bob ...


7 Variations on the Classic Bob ...
7 Variations on the Classic Bob ...

The bob is one of the most classic, iconic hairstyles you can get. It has easily withstood the test of time, in part because it evolves with the times. This is without question one of my favorite haircuts. Am I sporting it right now? Yes and no. I actually have a modern version of the style right now. That's the great thing about this hairstyle – there are so many different versions! In fact, here are several variations on the classic bob that I'm sure you'll love!

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The Face-Framer

One variation on the classic bob is the face-framing variation. This bob is more contemporary, featuring angled layers that, you guessed it, frame your face! It can be done with or without bangs. With bangs, however, they too should be angled, softly side swept, and not too thick, or else it can throw off the look.


The Bang-ed Bob

The classic bob itself can come with or without bangs – or you can just get a bob with bangs. This cut works extremely well for ladies whose faces are heart shaped or slightly oval. Straight bangs that just touch the eyebrows are a great addition. However, if you want it to look more modern, ask for a long fringe instead.


The Mod Bob

For a more modern variation on the classic bob, it's best to get no bangs at all. This is an incredibly chic look, and it works for women of any age. If you have a larger forehead, you can have this cut created with a side part. However, a center part makes it even more mod.


The Chopped Bob

This bob is just too cute for words! It's extremely layered, which creates a lot of volume. It's the kind of cut where a few timely hair tosses makes it look even better. If you want to be really edgy, ask your stylist to use the razor on the ends of your hair. You'll end up with something choppy, edgy, and totally funky!


The Curly Bob

A lot of women think that bobs, classic or otherwise, are meant for straight hair, but that's not the case at all. At its heart, the bob is just a short, chin- or jaw-length cut, and you can rock it even if you have a profusion of curls. This particular cut looks best with lovely loose curls, which you can achieve by making sure the top layer is somewhat longer.


The Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is an edgy variation of the classic bob, as well as one that is incredibly popular right now. This cut is short in the back, and gradually gets longer toward the front. The nice thing is that you can make the angle as gradual or as extreme as you want. If you want something really chic and edgy, ask for an extreme angle from back to front.


The Asymmetrical Bob

This bob is sort of a play on the inverted bob. The key here is that you generally get it cut with your hair parted to the side. This way, one side naturally ends up longer than the other side. Again, the extreme of the length and angle are both totally up to you. It all depends on how daring you want to be with your bob!

I'm sure there are more variations on the classic bob, but these are easily the most popular. It's incredible that one single haircut can spawn so many evolutions. Maybe you prefer the classic original, or something with a modern twist. Either way, let me know! What's your favorite version of the bob?

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