7 Interesting Ways to Style Your Bangs ...


7 Interesting Ways to Style Your Bangs ...
7 Interesting Ways to Style Your Bangs ...

How to Style Bangs in order to get a new interesting look? How to style bangs for a perfect party or glam look? And, most importantly – How to style bangs to get a cool, everyday hairstyle? Well, the answers to all of those questions are right here so give these 7 great ideas a shot ASAP:

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If you’re wondering how to style bangs for school you absolutely must give this trendy braid a shot! The idea behind this look is to create an interesting tight headband-like braid that’s going to keep your bangs neat and away from your face and eyes.

How To: Section your bangs and braid them carefully starting at one temple and finishing at the other. Use two bobby pins to hide the end of the braid behind your ear.

Pro Tip: Apply some gel before you start braiding to make hair more manageable and tame baby hair.


Gwen Stefani Roll

This edgy trendy look is absolutely perfect for parties and, once you see how easy it is to do, you’ll want to style your bangs like this all the time! So, if you’ve ever wondered how to style bangs like a pro, it’s time to give this extraordinary look a shot!

How To: Section your bangs and tie the rest of your hair into a bun or a ponytail, tease the base of your bangs to get them to stand up, spray heavily or use maximum hold hair gel and then simply create a funky big roll by folding the ends back and securing them with two bobby pins.

Pro Tip: A spritz or two of hair gloss will give this look a glossy, super elegant finishing touch.



A pouf is always an easy, fast, glam way to style your bangs and, the fact that this style can be worn in all occasions makes it a great choice for both work and parties. So, whenever your bangs refuse to look good, pick them up in a pouf and focus on styling the rest of your hair.

How To: Section your bangs, tease the base for volume, flip them back and secure with two bobby pins. Push the hair closer to your hairline if you want a more raised pouf or pin close to your crown for a more natural look.

Pro Tip: Add a foam pad for an XXL pouf and don’t forget to smooth out the top section of your hair.


Back Pouf

Gym hair can be made to look really sexy and all you’ll need only a headband and a ponytail band to pull off this simple, 5-minute hairstyle!

How To: Tease the top part of your hair starting from the bangs, all the way to your crown. Comb your hair back gently put on a headband and slide it back slowly to smooth out the bangs and shift the volume to your crown. Gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and voila!
Pro Tip: Hairspray the hairline to tame baby hair and frizz.


Charlie’s Angels Locks

How to style bangs that are in desperate need of a clip? Well, in case you don’t have time to visit the salon and get your overgrown bangs trimmed, you can always give this sexy 70’s style a shot!

How To: Part your hair at center and use a wide barrel curling iron to create large half-curls facing outwards.
Pro Tip: Add a headband for a more modern, Boho-like style.


Cute Side Swept Bangs

Want more awesome, totally cute ideas on how to style bangs? Well, the style I’m about to suggest right now is absolutely ideal for school and won’t take more than a minute of your time!

How To: Sweep your bangs to the side and secure them with a cute hairclip. Use hair gel in case your bangs are really short but be careful not to put too much as that will make your bangs look greasy.

Pro Tip: Use a shiny, crystal hairclip instead and pick up the rest of your hair into a low bun for a glamorous look.


Pin up Roll

Retro pin up rolls are one incredibly sexy, not to mention quite simple way to wear your bangs so give this look a shot in case you really like this style but haven’t got the time to trouble with all those elaborate retro up-dos.

How To: Section your bangs, spray hairspray and comb using a fine toothed comb. Roll the bangs up keeping the ends inside. Once you’ve rolled the bangs all the way up, move the roll just a little bit to the side so that the inside can show and pin it down using a small bobby pin.

Pro Tip: Apply a little bit of hair gel onto the ends to make them more manageable.

You see? With this many awesome tips on how to style bangs, you simply can’t allow yourself to be bothered with bad hair days! So, get your comb out- get set - gooooo! Do you have other cool ideas on how to style bangs and which one of my tips on how to style bangs are you going to apply?

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This whole post is heaven, especially for those times when my bangs are much too long, but I'm way too lazy to actually do anything about them. (Which happens every time my bangs get too long. :/)

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