8 Ways to Wear Your Hair This Fall ...


8 Ways to Wear Your Hair This Fall ...
8 Ways to Wear Your Hair This Fall ...

As the weather starts to change to the crisp chill of Fall, you might be tempted to give in the temptation to use a ponytail to deal with those bad hair days. Autumn winds are famous for causing frizz, but you don’t have to settle for a plain ponytail to survive it. Here are 8 ways to wear your hair this Fall to look young, fresh, and fabulous.

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A Loose Braid

One of the best ways to wear your hair this Fall is a loose braid. Whether you go for a French braid or a Fishtail style, it’s a quick solution for any bad hair day. Steer clear of tight braids and go for the looser styles for a softer look that is perfect for cool weather.


Half up, Half down

When you are tired of the same old ponytails, change it up with a half up, half down style. This look is hot on the runways right now and it is a quick way to tame frizzy curls on cool Fall mornings. Use an alligator clip or a few bobby pins and put that top layer up, showing off your beautiful eyes and pretty smile.


Tousled Waves

If you are searching for more romantic ways to wear your hair this fall, go with tousled waves. Work some texturizing cream into wet hair and then dry it with a diffuser to set your waves in place. For girls with curly hair, use a wide toothed comb to gently loosen curls into waves. Whether your hair is cut in a shorter bob or you have long locks that reach your lower back, tousled waves will work. This is one of the most versatile ways to wear your hair this fall.


Try a Deep Part

Did you oversleep again? Don’t panic; just go with a quick hairstyle that always looks sleek with minimal effort required. Comb in a deep side part and then quickly brush your hair out. You can overhaul your standard updo by adding a deep side part on the front. When you’re short on time, just wear your hair down with the pretty part adding a touch of simple sophistication.


Double Knot It

While tying your hair in knots might seem a little strange, this hairstyle is so pretty that it will all make perfect sense once you try it. The knotted style looks soft and effortless, perfect to pair with Autumn’s cozy sweaters and comfy jeans.


Cover It

When you are running out of ways to wear your hair, try adding in accessories to cover up problem areas. Do you have a stubborn cowlick that just won’t go away? Cover it with a gorgeous oversized hair clip or hold it down with a headband. Fall hair accessories are all about romance, soft colors, and old world style.


Curled Ponytail

On the days when a ponytail just makes sense, at least add a touch of style with a curl on the ends. It only takes two minutes to do a quick curl with your curling iron or you can add in a hot roller while you do your makeup for an instant touch of class when you take it out.


A Low Chignon

The chignon has been one of the popular ways to wear your hair throughout 2011, but this Fall it is all about how you position it. Take the soft knot and place it lower on your head, rather than up high. You can also place it slightly to the side for a fun touch to the classic chignon. This gorgeous hairstyle will turn a casual Fall outfit into a stylish look that you can proudly wear anywhere.

If you get stuck in a hair rut, don’t give up and settle for the same old ponytail. Use these 8 ways to wear your hair for Fall as your foundation and then build each style to match your personality and hair cut. With a little creativity and few great ideas under your belt, your bad hair days will soon disappear once and for all. What is your go to hairstyle for cool Fall days?

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