8 Sleek and Elegant Hairstyles ...

Elegant Hairstyles are, in my opinion, one of the best hairstyles out there and learning how to make a couple of them isn’t only fun but extremely useful as well! I mean, imagine going somewhere and not being able to find a hair stylist in times when you need it most! What are you supposed to do in that case – Cry? No, hun, crying is for babies and we women,,, well – aren’t we known for our amazing ability to find a way out of every tricky situation? And if that means elegant hairstyles, than elegant hairstyles it is! And, here’s 8 of those fab, not to mention very easy to do, styles you could do anywhere and anytime:

1. Classic Bun

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When J.Lo is having a bad hair day and she really needs to shine on the red carpet, you’ll often see her sporting this simplest of all elegant hairstyles! The fact that it’s extremely easy to do doesn’t mean it’s plain or boring! It’s the other way around actually, as it really brings out the eyes and simply calls out for those glam, huge earrings you’ve been dying to show off! But here’s what you need to do in order to make a perfect bun:

Step 1: Comb your hair and pick it up into a tight high ponytail. Don’t tie it yet as you’ll need to apply hairspray and comb again in order to make sure there are no loose strands or so-called antennas.

Step 2: You’ll need a bun sponge in your hair color! Bun sponge looks like a doughnut and you can get it in various beauty supply shops, in pretty much all sizes. Once you have your bun doughnut, all you need to do is take your ponytail, pull it through the hole and fix the sponge using a few bobby pins.

Step 3: Section your ponytail and use those sections to cover the sponge making sure the ends are tucked in under it! Use bobby pins to secure every section and then apply more hairspray and, of course, hair shine!

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