8 Rules for Hair Accessories ...


8 Rules for Hair Accessories ...
8 Rules for Hair Accessories ...

I'm a huge fan of hair accessories – even when my hair's short and I can't exactly pull off anything but bobby pins. This isn't a blog about the cutest hair accessories, however. Instead I thought I'd focus on some tips on how to wear them to their best advantage, what looks best, how they look best, and things like that. So with that in mind, check out these 8 rules for hair accessories!

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Nothing Too Big

Hair accessories are like everything else, really. If you have really dramatic eye makeup, you don't wear dramatic lipstick. If your dress or blouse has a lot of embellishment around the neckline, you don't go crazy with a necklace. If you have on lots of jewelry or a really crazy outfit, don't wear really outlandish hair accessories.


Don't Try Too Hard

This is really all about mood and theme. Every outfit has a theme, and the accessories you choose have to fit in with that. Basically, you don't want the accessory you choose to war with your outfit. It doesn't have to be all matchy-matchy, but it should complement what you're wearing.


Balance It

Accessories are all about balancing acts, especially when they're for your hair. One great way to choose the right hair accessories is to make sure you pick something that goes with your personality. Maybe you're really simple, maybe you love elegance about all else, or maybe you like to be a little while. If your hair accessories complement the facets of your personality, it will always balance out.


Try Something New

Your hair is the one thing you can play with, whether you dye it or do it up with some pretty clips or bows. Don't be afraid to try new trends with your hair. You might not end up liking everything you try, and that's okay, because at least you're giving it a shot. Besides, you might find something you really like.


Feather Mania

Feathers are extremely popular right now, and when done right, they make excellent hair accessories. They typically look best laying flat against your head and hair, especially if you're wearing your hair in a bun, a French twist, or a chignon. They're actually quite subtle and sleek that way.


Try Clips

If you want something simple but still pretty, then assorted clips or jeweled bobby pins are a great idea. They work especially well with updos, and bobby pins can be extremely versatile as well. They can hold loose tendrils or help you put together a messy bun.


Have a Base

It's really important to have the right base with any accessory you want to try. Especially if you have really thin or fine hair, you need to have something to hold your accessories. Teasing comes in handy here, and you may need some hairspray as well.


Try Extensions

Extensions are also becoming incredibly popular, even if they are only the clip in variety. You can input some color, some length, depth, and volume, with a simple hair extension. You may only want to try them for special occasions, but that's still all cool.

I sometimes think about getting some extensions in bright colors, just for something new. I can't decide if they would look right on me or not, though. What do you like to do with your hair?

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