11 Fabulous and Easy Hairstyles That Don't Require Any Heat ...


11 Fabulous and Easy Hairstyles That Don't Require Any Heat ...
11 Fabulous and Easy Hairstyles That Don't Require Any Heat ...

The easy hairstyles and tips I’m going to talk about today will enable you to have gorgeous hair every day without the help of a hairdryer, curling iron or flat iron! So why don’t you give your hair a break and try some of these super easy hairstyles right now? These heatless hairstyles will save your hair and keep it from breaking so much -- and they look great! Here are a few heatless, sexy, effortless hairstyles to help you get started.

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Frizzy Crimped Style

Ditch the crimping iron because the first on my list of easy hairstyles is one very popular, totally hot style you can literally achieve overnight! So wash your hair an hour before you’re planning to go to bed, give it about 30 minutes to dry naturally, then braid it into a lot of thin, tight braids. Leave the braids overnight, undo them in the morning, style your hair and voila! This is a great trick if you have oily, curly or straight hair!


Surfer Girl Wavy Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker loves surfer girl wavy hair and I bet you’ll love it too! But how easy would it be to get a head full of shiny, perfectly polished waves without a double or triple barrel curing iron? Well, it’s actually pretty easy, otherwise this surfer girl wavy hair style just wouldn’t be on my list. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair. Let your hair dry until it is slightly damp. Use a wide toothed comb to ensure that there are no more tangles. If you have hard to curl hair, rub a little texturizing paste into your hair. Now take a hair tie, twist your hair and put it up in a messy bun. Wait for your hair to dry completely and then slowly take off the hair tie and style as required. Remember, the more hair ties and the more buns you make, the tighter your curls will be.


Wild Curly Hair

Want some more simple hairstyles that don’t require heat or heat protectors? Well, here’s one trick my sister uses in times when she wants wild curly hair and there is not a single hot or regular roller to be found in the house (yes, our rollers disappear overnight!). Cut an old tee/sheet/pillowcase into long strips (or you could just use socks like in the video), then wrap sections of your half dried hair into them by placing the end of each section on the center of the strip and rolling up. Once you’re done, just tie the ends of the strip together and move to the next section. And remember, the smaller your sections are, the tighter your wild curly hair will be.


Natural Loose Curls

Oh, don’t you just love those romantic, natural loose curls? Well, this easy hairstyle can also be achieved without any heat and here’s exactly how to do it! Start with dry, clean hair, then slightly wet only the bottom half of your length. Apply styling mousse on the damp part, comb it to distribute the mousse evenly, then put it up in a tightly rolled bun. Allow your hair a couple of hours to dry and form, then let it down and enjoy your natural loose curls! This can work for any type of hair!


Spiral Curls

You don’t need a curling iron to have sexy curls, not when you can get wild spiral curls without heat. I’m going to do my best to explain to you how my grandma used to achieve this style with nothing more than a styling product (your choice!) and lots and lots of bobby pins. The trick to creating spiral curls without using heat is to fold small sections of your wet hair onto your scalp, then pin those loops down using bobby pins. It takes some time and you’ll need to arm yourself with patience but the end result is so wow that you’ll want to do this all the time. Bonus tip: Do this before you go to bed and secure your loops overnight by sleeping with a shower cap on.

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Twisty Hair

Next on my list of wonderful styles that don’t require any heat is luscious twisty hair. This technique is one of the best ways to get big, wild hair overnight! Take tiny sections of hair, apply a generous amount of the styling product of your choice, then twist each section until it starts to coil around its base. Secure these little knots with small silicone bands or bobby pins, let loose after a few hours, and you're instantly rocking some sexy, twisty hair!


Vintage Hair

Okay, ladies, I know lots of you are in love with vintage hair, which is really having a moment! The good news is that you can create gorgeous curls and waves without any heat whatsoever. You'll need some good foam rollers, some patience, and a love of old Hollywood glam -- plus a quality bristle brush won't hurt! Vintage hair looks retro and regal at the office, in the classroom, and definitely out on a romantic date -- and since the vintage look is so easy, what's to stop you from trying it?


Cocoon Curls

Looking for those messy, slept in curls? Drop that curler and keep on reading! This technique for bouncy curls requires almost no tools except for your fingers. Beforehand you just need to slightly wet your hair and you are ready to start. The whole process consists of twisting and turning of your hair around itself and your fingers. A visual explanation would do more good than a written one, so take a look at the tutorial!


Bantu Knot Curls

There is no need to damage your hair and burn your already dried roots to achieve the bombshell curls! Using a curing iron might give great results but completely ruin your hair in the long run. So instead we can resort to bantu knots that are easy and completely harmless. Just grab a handful of hairbands and get going! Take a chunk of your hair, twist it around and then begin twisting it in a bun. Once you are done with it secure the twisted bun with a hair band and continue with the whole head. The next morning you will wake up with sexy bombshell curls!


Deep Curls

One of my favorite ways to achieve deep waves is by using old magazines. It's cheap, easy and it produces perfect results. You just have to make sure to damp your hair slightly so that the curls grab on easier and your hair is able to dry overnight. After that rip pages out of the magazine, fold them in desired length and wrap your hair around it. The only material that you would need besides a magazine is bobby pins, to secure the pages with the hair. Other than that it doesn't get easier than this!


Prominent Waves

Are there several scarfs lying around in your closet? Don't throw them out because you can actually recycle them and use them as curlers! All you need to do is take sections of damp hair and wrap them around the scarf. Once you have completed your whole head, the last thing you need to do is sleep on it. It might cause some discomfort but beauty is pain!

No heat, no mess, no fuss – do all the prep work in the evening and wake up with a gorgeous set of curls or waves that require very little time to style! Yay easy hairstyles! So, tell me ladies, which one of these gorgeous, super easy hairstyles are you going to try?

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But what about natural hair styles for African American women?

OMG!!!.. Loveee all styles.. I cant wait to try them... Only not try? #5... I have a long long hair and this method consuming much time but the rest are awesome.. Thanks for this tips!!! :)

Will any of these work for long, thick, and heavy African American hair? Unfortunately our hair is different from our Caucasian sisters and no amount o pretending can change that...trust me...I've tried all my life. I can't tease my hair 'cause its so heavy and that was a major trend when I was in high school (like 2 years ago).

I have super thick hair and it gets frizzy super quickly. Do you know any hairstyles that dont take long that I could do? Thanks

You can use straws as a way to curl your hair I have curly hair naturally but sometimes want a more tame look. It looks amazing leave it on for as long as you want

I'm Doing The Deep Curls I'm Leaving it in for 5hrs && See What Happens

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