7 Ways to Update Your Hairstyle with a Scarf ...


7 Ways to Update Your Hairstyle with a Scarf ...
7 Ways to Update Your Hairstyle with a Scarf ...

Scarf for Hair styles and 'dos are totally in right now. Turn your neck scarf into a scarf for hair and you won’t only get to enjoy plenty of cool, absolutely stylish hairstyles but manage to save some cash you’d normally spend on hair accessories! Yes, I know buying a scarf for hair, a pin or a headband is much easier but, hey, where’s the fun in that? Do you agree? Well, here are a few amazing hairstyle ideas to try out whenever you feel creative enough to turn your favorite neck scarf into an awesome scarf for hair!

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Retro Band

From flare pants and A line skirts to skinny belts and thick, staked heels – 70’s are back and they are not only ready to settle in your closet, but on your head as well! And you know what they say – if you can’t beat them, join them! So, take a geometric print neck scarf and turn it into a scarf for hair that’s bound to keep your style fresh and interesting! Tease the hair on your mane to get a small pouf, cover it with a layer of unteased hair, secure with a few tiny bobby pins and add a little bit or hairspray to keep the style in place. They take the scarf, keep folding it until you get a preferred width and simply use it as a headband. Yup, it's really THAT easy!


Hollywood Glam

Head wrapped in an expensive-looking scarf, gorgeous huge shades…. Mmmm now that’s a scene we all know so well and, if my memory serves me right, I believe the image is never complete without a fancy convertible either! So? What are you waiting for? Posh up a boring day with a little bit of that old Hollywood glamour! Take a big scarf, wrap it around your head and throw on a pair of your best shades! It’s a lifesaving trick that’s could help you deal with the bad hair days!


Scarf Decorated Ponytail

Now, what on Earth is a girl supposed to do with those teeny tiny scarves that are too small to be versatile? Well, let me just say that there is no need to throw those out ladies, because a small neck scarf can always be a nice scarf for hair! Just pick your hair up in a standard ponytail, tie your scarf around the rubber band and voila – an interesting hairstyle in under a minute!


Sexy Gypsy Updo

Now, here’s one interesting, casually chic hairstyle that I absolutely love and when you hear how simple it is to do, I bet you’ll want to try it out too. Take a large scarf (any print will do), fold one tip and place it at your hairline (just above your forehead). Take the two nearest tips, roll them a few times and tie at the back allowing the longest tip to fall down your hair. Accessorize with a pair of ultra long earrings and don’t forget to wear your favorite maxi skirt!


Braided Scarf

If you love those long, thin scarves and happen to have a long hair as well, you’ll simply adore this next hairstyle! It’s very unusual and yet so easy to do and it’s going to turn your regular French braid into an interesting work of art. So, here’s what you need to do: First of all, you’ll be using one of those ultra long, ultra thin scarves as a headband, tying a knot at the nape of your neck and letting the sides fall down freely. Then you’ll section your hair into three sections (two of which should be thick and one should be thinner because you’ll be adding the ends of the scarf to it). Braid your hair, making sure the knot stays hidden and that’s pretty much it! Cool huh? Who knew a thin neck scarf could be so useful as a scarf for hair!

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Scarves for hair can be combined with hats too and you shouldn’t be afraid to try on a few really awesome, edgy styles yourself. I can’t guarantee you’ll actually like them but, hey, I can list at least 5 super-hot female celebrities that had the guts to wear a doo-rag scarf under a hat and managed to rock this look. Wear a scarf under a cowboy hat to complete your sexy southern-belle-in-cropped-denim-shorts look or complete your party outfit with a stylish heavily printed scarf tied neatly under your sequined fedora.


Exotic Turban Style

Covering an absolutely terrible haircut, DIY dye-job gone wrong or dark roots has never looked more exotic! Using a scarf for hair styles can be a lifesaver in most situations. Then again, who said you have to have something to hide just so you could have an excuse to wear a turban? It’s absolutely awesome, there are like dozens of different ways to tie it, you can let your hair down or let it cover it completely, use different scarves or even add broaches to kick up the glam factor. It’s like a pool of creativity, sister, and I suggest you to jump in it this second.

You can wear a scarf for hair in tons of different situations. Aren't these marvelous? Yup, a scarf for hair can be a valuable accessory indeed! And, with that said, I’m turning the mic over to you! Come on, tell me more about all those interesting hairstyle you can create using a scarf for hair!

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I really want to try the sexy gypsy updo, but the instructions were a bit confusing. is there a tutorial or maybe some pictures?

really cool ideas :) thanks..will definitely try all of them !!

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