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Changing your hairstyle can make you look younger and more attractive almost instantaneously. So many of us are scared to try a new look but if you remind yourself that your hair will ultimately grow, it won’t seem like such a major risk. It is important to consider your face cut and hair texture before choosing a new hairstyle, as you don’t want to be left with a haircut that is unflattering and a massive job to style. Here are 7 classic hairstyles to try.

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The Versatile Bob

The great thing about the bob is that it is a versatile haircut. You can wear it super short around your ears or longer, falling on your shoulders. You can have it leveled equally all over or graduated from back to front or vice versa. Also the cool thing about a bob is that when it grows out, it doesn’t look untidy and unkempt. It is easy to transform the bob into another look as and when you choose.


The Long and Strong Tresses

Wearing your hair long and strong can have a dazzling effect on your overall appearance. Whether you choose to keep it straight or wavy, long hair has always been a favorite with women. It offers you a range of styling options from elaborate up do’s, chic ponytails, braids and so on. With some clever highlights you can really rock this look.


The Pixie Look

This look became all the rage in the early 60’s when it was donned by the supermodel Twiggy. Suddenly young girls everywhere were converting their long tresses into smart pixie cuts and although the decades have passed, its popularity hasn’t withered. The pixie look doesn’t suit everyone so check your face cut and listen to your stylist before proceeding.


The High Ponytail

The high ponytail reminds men everywhere of cheerleaders and schoolgirls. Consequently if you put your hair up in a high ponytail, you will look not only sexy but also extremely chic. I think the high ponytail works best with straight long hair so use a flat iron, straighten your tresses and then tie it up in a slick high pony tail.


The Wavy Voluminous Look

Right from the days of the original Charlie’s Angels, the wavy voluminous look was popular. Granted its has graduated from the heavily fringed style to a more understated and elegant look, it is still extremely hot and most women can carry it off to perfection.


The Messy Curly Statement

A messy curly head of hair can look incredibly adorable on the right face cut. Applying a styling gel or mousse can add an extra gloss or shine to the hairstyle making it all the more attractive and appealing. Tying curly hair up with a few lose curls falling around the face is also a great touch.


The Ballerina Bun

Audrey Hepburn first brought this look to the forefront with that memorable scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and every since then women everywhere have been trying to replicate its elegance and glamor. If you have an oval face and longish hair, you too can try it out. You’re sure to feel like a film star.

Classic hair styles become classic because they survive the greatest test of all – time. All the haircuts mentioned above have made it through the decades and remain the most sought after looks for most women.

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