8 Curly Hairstyles to Try ...

By Heather

So, I'm one of those girls who always thought I was cursed with curly hair and always wished that I had straight hair; now with the heat rolling in I am actually accepting my natural waves and have even come up with curly hairstyles to try out! These curly hairstyles to try are great for summer — one of the few things that I love about my curly hair is the fact that no matter how hot it is outside, it just enhances my curls and makes the hairstyle that much better! So girls, what do you say, is it time to take back our naturally curly hair and nix the straightener until wintertime?

1 Long & Loose

If you are one of the many women out there that is blessed (or can at least keep) the length on their hair, this is the look for you! These curls are long, loose and definitely worth it in the long run. All you gotta do ladies is take your curling iron and do some loose curls, spritz your hair with hairspray and you are out the door! This is a great look for the office or even just a night out on the town. Believe me, if I had the length (or the patience for long hair), I'd totally do this in the morning!

2 Mermaid Curls

Trust me when it comes to curling irons, I am a mess with them (and somehow, I always manage to burn myself on the neck and make it look like I have a hickey or something) but after my stylist showed me how to do mermaid curls, I'm now addicted! Just use your curling iron, go all the way to your scalp (careful not to burn yourself) and loosely let down your curls. Remember, the key to these bouncy locks is not doing tight curls, but keeping it flowing. Think Taylor Swift ladies!

3 Tight & Sexy

This is one curly hairstyle to try where tight curls are a must and that is why rollers work the best. These rollers are not the hot pink rollers your grandmother used, instead you might want to try out the latest and greatest technology out there called 'hot rollers.' These actually heat themselves up and you can just slide them into your hair and in no time at all, you'll have tight, fun and flirty curls! Shirley Temple girls, that is the one girl that perfected the tight curls!

4 Updo

Have you ladies ever noticed that straight hair is the hardest thing in the world to put in an updo? Even when you manage to get it into the updo, who said it looks good? Curly updos are not only easy to do, but they look great! A night out on the town? Throw your curly hair up with some bobby pins and you've got a cute and flirty hairstyle in a matter of seconds! Scouts honor girls, curly hair holds updos better and look super cute!

5 Spiral

The greatest thing that I have found about having naturally curly hair is that there is little to no frizz and if you get your hair wet, it just makes the spiral curls come out that much more. If you don't have naturally curly hair though, don't worry, you can get spiral curls in no time at all! Just throw in some hot rollers, wait for about 20 minutes, take them out and you'll see that your curls will be big, bouncy and full of volume! Going out for the night? This is a look that will last all night!

6 Pin Curls

Pin curls are actually wicked popular right now with the celebs. Everyone from J-Lo to Christina Aguilera to Pink are wearing pin curls and looking hot with the style! Pin curls were huge in the 20's and personally, I think that's why I love them because I have a deep obsession with the 20's era. These curls are actually ringlets that have set against your head and when taken down, they are loose and almost wavy. These curls can be pulled back to make a fantastic updo or left down to flow.

7 Braided Waves

You know when you go out to the beach for a day and you braid your hair just to get it out of your face? Well, when you take it down from there, the kinky little wavy curls that you get make a great style for any day of the week! Ladies, all you do is after your shower, braid your hair, let it stay braided for a few hours and when you take it down, you'll see curls, volume, bounce and beauty all done without a curling iron!

8 Waves

The last curly hairstyle to try that I am going to talk about is waves. Waves are different than curls, but ladies they still look amazing. Whether you are doing just a dip of a wave to one side or you are brushing your curls into soft and bouncy waves, this is one hairstyle that can work on any hair type, any length and for any occasion.

Curls are not a curse all of the time, just sometimes when they won't behave themselves (but isn't that what a can of Aquanet is for? Kidding). These curly hairstyles to try have actually given me a ton of ideas to keep my locks curly at least twice a week (hey, I used to straighten my hair every single day). So this is just my list of curly hairstyles to try, what about you ladies, have you tried some of these curly hairstyles or have more to add?

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