8 Curly Hairstyles to Try ...

So, I'm one of those girls who always thought I was cursed with curly hair and always wished that I had straight hair; now with the heat rolling in I am actually accepting my natural waves and have even come up with curly hairstyles to try out! These curly hairstyles to try are great for summer — one of the few things that I love about my curly hair is the fact that no matter how hot it is outside, it just enhances my curls and makes the hairstyle that much better! So girls, what do you say, is it time to take back our naturally curly hair and nix the straightener until wintertime?

1. Long & Loose

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Photo Credit: beaut.ie

If you are one of the many women out there that is blessed (or can at least keep) the length on their hair, this is the look for you! These curls are long, loose and definitely worth it in the long run. All you gotta do ladies is take your curling iron and do some loose curls, spritz your hair with hairspray and you are out the door! This is a great look for the office or even just a night out on the town. Believe me, if I had the length (or the patience for long hair), I'd totally do this in the morning!

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