7 YouTube Tutorials on Braids ...


7 YouTube Tutorials on Braids ...
7 YouTube Tutorials on Braids ...

I have something really special for you today – YouTube tutorials on braids. “Why braids?” some of you may wonder and I must admit the answer is probably not as interesting as you’d hope it would be. Simply because the days are getting warmer and warmer and I’ve guessed most of us would be looking for a stylish way to get the hair out of their faces and shoulders. So, to cut the long story short – I’m giving you 7 YouTube tutorials on braids in hope you’ll find at least one of them interesting and worth trying out.

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Fishtail Braid How to

The first of many interesting, useful YouTube tutorials on braids so watch closely and you’ll master the art of fishtail braids. I’ve always loved fishtail braids myself, and always wondered how in the hell are they done. Now, since braiding hair is one of the rare things I’m actually good at, I hereby sentence myself to a lot of practicing. Hope you like it as much as I do.


Boho Braids

Totally trendy, eye-catching and very easy to do! This is exactly how I like my YouTube videos- interesting and simple. This girl is not only drop-dead gorgeous but knows how to style her hair to perfection too. I’d suggest you sit through the entire video because she’ll demonstrate the basic boho hairdo and show you some variations. Definitely worth checking out! Summer is almost here and this just might be your secret weapon.


Butterfly Braid Hairstyle

It looks kind of messy at first but then you take a second look and realize this is one fun, artistic hairdo that could definitely get you noticed. Now, I don’t know how skilled you are at braiding your own hair but watch this vid carefully and I bet you’ll manage to pull it off. Definitely one of my favorite, most creative YouTube tutorials on braids!


Heart-Shaped Braids

So simple and yet so cute! Here’s something even the clumsiest of us can pull off! Simple braid, some careful messing up and voila – all done and you’re ready to roll! But wait, how about doing this for Valentine’s day? Now that would be a sweet, unusual, not to mention unique, themed look!


Waterfall Braid How to

Awwwww! Come on, you just have to love this one! I doubt it would work for us big girls but I’m sure you have at least one little girly girl dying to show it off at school. It’s cute, interesting, girly and easy to do – what more could you or your little one ask for? I like it so much I just might ask my little neighbor to come over for a makeover.


Slide-up Braid

Whoa! I I didn’t know you can do this with a braid! Out of all these YouTube tutorials on braids, I have to admit this is my favorite one! Butterfly vid is great and all but this… this is just super-easy! A lot of people commented claiming the slide-up doesn’t work well on layered hair but I’ll try it anyways and I suggest you do the same. Add some hair gel to help it slide better and just ignore all those comments. After all, it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time so it’s definitely worth the shot.


Wrap around Side Ponytail Braid

This girly hairdo will look great on your little princess but it’s also something you can wear too. I doubt you’ll be able to do it yourself but, hey, you are allowed to ask for help- aren’t you? So, be nice to your mom, sister or even your beau as each one of them qualifies for the role of your braiding expert. So… I guess I’ll just shut up now and let you watch the vid.

What do you think about these YouTube tutorials on braids? Hope they were helpful! I sure did learn a bunch of new tricks and techniques and I can’t wait to try them!

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