7 Creative Ways to Wear a Ponytail ...


7 Creative Ways to Wear a Ponytail ...
7 Creative Ways to Wear a Ponytail ...

Ponytail Hairstyles don’t have to be boring, plain or whatnot so if your idea of them involves gym hairstyles only- you’re in for a big surprise! Yup, there are many fun ponytail hairstyles out there and some of them are even so unbelievably glam that you’ll want to wear them every time you’re planning to dress to impress! Still don’t believe me? Well check out these great, super easy ponytail hairstyles right now:

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Curly Side Ponytail

Curly Side Ponytail This is one of my favorite ponytail hairstyles ever and once you try it yourself and see how fabulous it looks, you’ll want to do it all the time! So, the first thing you’ll need to do to achieve this look is to gather your hair in a high side ponytail. Very easy, isn’t it? Well, here’s where things start to get really creative – take your curling iron and curl small sections until your regular ponytail turns into a bunch of gorgeous curls! I like to stretch a couple of them to get a cascading curl look but you can leave it like that as well. Just remember to use hair gel or hairspray because this look really needs to be sleek and flawless.


Rope Braid Ponytail

Rope Braid Ponytail Braided ponytail hairstyles aren’t for little schoolgirls only so you should really try a rope braid in case you don’t like the classic, French one. It’s incredibly easy to do and it’s going to give you an interesting hairstyle in under 5 minutes. Start by securing the hair into a low or mid ponytail, split the hair into two sections, twist each one, then twist them around each other all the way down before securing the bond with another band.


Frizzy Low Ponytail

Frizzy Low Ponytail Designers have fallen madly in love with ponytails this season which, I believe, is a pretty good reason to discuss this runway hairstyle! The trick here is to keep the front part of your hair totally perfect and shiny (almost as if it had been super-glued to your head) but crimp the actual ponytail to make it as frizzy and wild as possible. My advice, therefore, would be to opt for this style on the day when you’re planning to wash you hair- firstly, because you’ll be using a lot of gel an secondly, because it will allow you to look great despite the fact that your hair is not completely clean.


Double Ponytail

Double Ponytail Have you ever done a double ponytail before? I haven’t worn it in years really… I guess ponytail hairstyles haven’t been on my list of priorities in the past years, probably because I’ve never kept my hair long enough. This is a very interesting casual style thought and if you like to get creative with your hair, you’ll notice that it gives a lot of opportunities for experimenting. So gather the front half of your hair into a high or mid pony, then tie it with the remaining half of your hair into a second, low ponytail. Pretty easy- isn’t it?


Princess Ponytail

Princess Ponytail Looking for something lady-like? Well I have just a thing for you! It’s called a Princess ponytail and it’s much easier to do than you think! Sweep your hair into a high, bouncy ponytail then curl the whole tail into one big spiral curl. Wrap a nice bow around the base to hide the rubber band and you can let your prince charming know that you’re ready for the big ball!


Pin-up Ponytail

Pin-up Ponytail Retro is always hot, hot, hot so spice up your look by making a hairstyle that’s fun, sexy and yet much easier than those victory rolls or loop twists! Tease the front section of your hair to get a small pouf then sweep the rest of your hair up in a high, playfully bouncy pony. Add a scarf or a big bow and voila – your hairstyle is all done!


Knotted Ponytail

Knotted Ponytail Feeling creative? Well, I have another interesting idea to add to my list of cool ponytail hairstyles! So, if your hair is really long, and you’re out of ideas, this one ought to help you a lot! Start off by securing your hair into a regular ponytail, brush it to remove any tangles then twist the hair. From this point on, all you’ll have to do is to carefully fold it into a bun then pull the remaining length through the hole that will appear after you’re done folding the twisted hair into a bun. Use decorative hair-sticks to secure it and, in case your hair is really heavy or silky, do add a couple of bobby pins.

See? There are many ponytail hairstyles that can be worn even outside the gym! So, which one of these ponytail hairstyles do you like the most?

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The main picture looks simple. Just grab a chunk of hair in the top middle of your head by your part, braid it down to where you put your side pony. Grab the rest of your hair in with the bottom unbraided section and tie. They look like they made it messy by not brushing it or teasing it a little first.

will this still work on shorter hair ???

I'm growing out my hair strictly for the purpose of playing with ponytails and braids. No word yet on whether I'm going to get tired and chop it off soon, though. :D

I wish there were pictures... Some of these sound really interesting, but i dont know what they're supposed to look like. Also, I want to know how to do the side ponytail that is in the picture on the link. (It is GORGEOUS!)

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