10 Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles ...


10 Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles ...
10 Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles ...

While everyone else seems more concerned with what their favorite celebs are wearing this summer, I’m a lot more interested in how they’re wearing their hair! I’ve been searching for a new hairstyle and who better to help me choose than my own best beauty buddies, my favorite actresses and other celebrities! They have teams of pros dedicated to making them look polished, sexy, and gorgeous, so why not borrow a few ideas from them? If you’re in the market for a new ‘do, keep reading! Here are the 10 hottest celebrity hairstyles, and which of our favorite celebs rock them out!

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Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Celebrities who rock this hair style: Emma Watson, Michelle Williams
It’s official: with hot celebs like Emma Watson and Michelle Williams rocking this hot celebrity hairstyle, this summer is the Season of the Pixie Cut. It’s short and simple, and incredibly cute. Anyone can wear it, and it’s super-easy to care for and style. I speak from experience, since I had a pixie cut this spring. One note of caution, though: super-short haircuts like Emma Watson’s pixie cut MUST be styled every morning — the bed-head is extreme!


Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob Celebrities who rock this hair style: Victoria Beckham, Selena Gomez
Before I had my pixie cut this spring, I wore a stacked bob, and it’s so chic! I stole my stacked bob from one of my favorite celebrities, Victoria Beckham, and again, almost any one of us mere mortals can rock the look, too! Be careful about the stylist you choose to do the cut: be sure he or she can do a good precision cut, or it will look choppy and cheap. But when it’s done right, wow, this hairstyle is hot!


Messy Curls

Messy Curls Celebrities who rock this hair style: Mary Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift

Another of my favorite looks this summer is the beach-ready look of wind-blown messy curls. It seems like all of my favorite actresses and songstresses are rocking this hot celebrity hairstyle, from Taylor Swift for Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s easy to do. Just add a little mousse to damp hair, and after air-drying, curl a few chunks around the “halo” of your hair with a big curling iron, or even a small flat-iron. Spritz with hair-spray, scrunch with your fingers, and you’re rocking this hottest of the hot celebrity hairstyles, too! Try a cute headband or feather-encrusted clip for extra gorgeous-ness, too!


Loose Braid

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Nicole Richie, Leona Lewis
I’ve always loved the look of a messy braid, and this summer, it seems like all of my favorite celebs have been wearing them. I especially love the herringbone braid! They take practice, but they’re so pretty! I’m wondering if they’ll show up, in a less casual format, on any red carpets soon?


Long Layers

Long Layers Celebrities who rock this hair style: Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson
Long layers are flattering to almost any face-shape, and they’re so feminine and pretty! Just look at Miss Jessica and Miss Miley — they always look so pretty with their long layers! The longer layers also make it possible to do the messy curls and even the loose braid, so it’s like getting three of the hottest celebrity hairstyles in one!

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Funky Color


Celebrities who rock this hair style: Rihanna, Pink
The catwalk is full of summer bright dresses, from coral to turquoise, so why not add a little pop of color to your summer tresses, too? Temporary dyes in a rainbow of colors are available in most salons and even drugstores, and we can look to our favorite punk-sass celebs for a hint on where and how to apply. And for another fun layer of funky color, try Featherlocks, too!



Fringe Celebrities who rock this hair style: Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes
I loved Jennifer Aniston in her role as a “Horrible Boss,” and aside from her wicked sense of humor, she had the cutest fringe! When have blunt bangs ever looked better? Whether they’re brushing your eyebrows or are cut further up on your forehead, whether they’re wispy or blunt, bangs are another of the hottest celebrity hairstyles you can try!


Top Knot

Top Knot Celebrities who rock this hair style:
The cover of Vogue this month features three gorgeous blonde models, all sporting tight top-knots, and this hot celebrity style is popping up in so many other places, too! I’ve seen J Lo sporting it, and it looks like fun! It’s easy, too: just pull wet hair into a tight bun, gloss over your hair with a light pomade to make sure there are no pesky fly-aways, and you’re ready for a day at the beach or date night!


Sleek & Straight

Sleek & Straight Celebrities who rock this hair style: Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, J Lo
If your hair is straight, and doesn’t like to hold a curl, why fight it? Rock the sleek and straight look, like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, or Miss J Lo (again!). The key, of course, is deep conditioning and a damn fine flat-iron.


Short & Sassy

Short & Sassy Celebrities who rock this hair style: Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna
Two words: faux hawk. While I’m not bold enough to rock one, this hot celebrity hairstyle is so much fun! And there are lots of other short and sassy haircuts I love, including the modified super-short shag Vanessa Hudgens debuted last week. Again, while short hair is fun, and easy to care for, beware the bed-head!

With so many of the hottest celebrities rocking the hottest celebrity hairstyles, the best part is, you’ll never have to choose just one! Rock the pixie cut with a fun color, and occasionally rock it as a faux hawk. Or do the long layers, worn straight and sleek, or with messy curls — so much versatility, so much fun! Which of these hottest of the hot celebrity hair styles do you like best, and

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